Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Eco-God!

First there was global cooling, and when that didn't happen the Eco-God frowned. Then we got global warming, and when that didn't happen the Eco-God got mad and told his subjects to get it right! The eco-weenies thought and thought and thought, and came up with climate change, and then the Eco-God was content. Eco-God knew that climate change is always happening, so Eco-God was happy.

Eco-God sent his apostles across the globe to spread the gospel of eco-cap and trade. Eco-God wanted the transfer of money from the eco-rich to the eco-poor. Gore and Suzuki called for the jailing of "deniers", those heretics that would not believe in man made global warming, and the Eco-God smiled down on them as they counted their eco-money.

Then the apostles were caught making stuff up to support their cause, and they went into hiding. They listened to the Eco-God when they were in their caves, and obeyed his orders to create "shock and awe" to wake up the non-believers. Blowing up school children is okay by the Eco-God, as long as the message gets across to people.

Make stuff up, scare people and make sure that you get the money says Eco-God! And the Eco-soldiers march in lock step towards their end.

Global cooling they shout:
  No, we mean global warming:
Eco-God frowned down on his subjects, and thundered the command to scare people with a harmless substance, something that was common to all the worlds people, and the eco-weenies came up with CO2! This was a devil created substance that plants took in and exchanged for oxygen. Too much CO2 would be a bad thing, the zombies cried. Eco-God was happy, mega bucks for a free substance, what a perfect scam!

The apostles shout that too much CO2 will be dangerous, except that it has been documented that CO2 encourages plant growth:

Too little CO2 will starve the world of oxygen and reduce lush plant areas to this:

Eco-God is hungry and demands that his followers obey his dictates. Money for a false God is demanded. Track the money and Eco-God gets exposed as a crass, false god, with no morals and only wants to rob from the productive to give to the unproductive.

If Syncrude has to pay 3 million for 1600 ducks, then the eco-companies who put up the huge wind turbines must pay for dead birds as well. According to one poster:

What a laugh 
October 23rd 2010, 1:15am
Grant provides the number of animals killed by windmills etc every year (22,464.) Syncrude is paying $1875 per duck. 22,464 x 1875 = $42,120,000. Thats 42 million to Mr. Mike Hudema of Greenpeace. Only makes sense since they like to hit people in their pocketbooks. What's good for the goose... Hope that doesn't cut into your protest budget for China and Saudi Arabia Mr. Hudema... What a laugh.
Greenpeace owes us 42 million for all the dead birds those wind turbines have killed in one year. The courts have now set it into law. Someone needs to sue the green companies for all those deaths! I hope Prentice is on those folks. I am so sick of being beaten over the head day in and day out by a group of juvenile university preppies who think they know it all and have nothing better to do than chain themselves to trees to make their point. Let them stay chained to those trees, bowing down to Eco-God, I am busy making a living for my family. I refuse to go make my kids go back into caves!

Eco-God can take an eco-friendly leap off the nearest cliff, maybe all that CO2 will break his fall!


The_Iceman said...

There was a period after the fall of the Soviet Union that international socialists were rebels without a cause. At some point, they jumped on the budding environmental movement. I remember that former Greenpeace founder who said he left in the 90s when the organization was infiltrated with Marxists.

CanadianSense said...

Are you expecting the media to report the facts without bias?

Europe is abandoning the Feed in tariff deals and many in the industry that have lined up for those 20 year contracts are finding out what happens.
Why do you think Toronto has only 1 Giant Fan?

The mob has been in on the ground floor for these Carbon Credits and F.I.T. ponzi schemes. Estimates are over $ 5 billion so far.

Who said crime does not pay>