Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dictators 1 Canada 0

I am very disappointed that Canada did not get a seat on the security council, not because I wanted us to, but because it shows how regressive the UN has become. What started out as an excellent idea for world peace has denigrated into a bunch of dictators and despots determining policy at the UN.

My lefty office mate laughed when I told him we had withdrawn, he actually laughed, that shows me the low level that lefties have stooped to. They are more interested in winning power, than supporting Canada. They prefer pandering to dictators and bringing Canada down, than actually supporting our government, elected by Canadians.

What no one seems to want to state as the real reason for Canada not getting a seat on the security council, is Canada's strong support of Israel. This would have been a serious problem to Iran, who is intent on getting nuclear weapons. We might have been the deciding vote to allow the bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities. The Muslim countries have a majority, Canada had no chance of winning. Why we even tried is beyond me.

What lefties fail to understand is that Conservatives would prefer a principled stand on the world stage, instead of the Liberal ass kissing of the past.

As far as I'm concerned, let's stop all foreign donations to dictatorships, if, as the lefties tell us, our foreign policy is so wrong, we need to stop aid. I'm sure the NDP will back up new plans to build low income housing with all that saved money!

Could the oil producing Muslim nations be trying to marginalize Canada for their own monetary gains? Are they funding our "green" groups like Sierra Club or Pembina? I don't know, but if we had any real journalists left in Canada, they might write a great article about it.

I asked my hubby about losing the security council spot, he looked at me, and asked if this was something he was supposed to know about. That will be the typical Canadian reaction.

What saddens me most is that the UN has been taken over by countries who think stoning a women to death is a religious obligation. That honour killings are a cultural obligation, and that female's can't go to school or even drive a car. The feminists are strangely silent on this oppression of woman's rights.

This loss for Canada points out how corrupt the UN has become. I say, get out and save taxpayers money.


Southern Quebec said...

Home come the people from the party of "personal responsibility" never accept said responsibility?

"You won't recognize Canada when I get through with it."

No s**t!

The_Iceman said...

It should have been a story that this seat was not a sure thing.

maryT said...

And it should be mentioned that the last two times we got a seat there were only two available and only two countries going for it.
Germany was late to the party for this seat, making it a three way race. When did Germany apply, and could it be because the PM fought and won the campaign against a global bank tax. Germany was for it.

MariaS said...

I am torn between "we should have got it" and " I am glad we didn't".

What galls me about the entire episode is that the unelected leader of the Libs did not stand with Canada but instead preferred to criticize Canada by saying "we do not deserve to get it" well before the decision was made. That is something that many Canadians will not forget or forgive. I for one.

Why are we the 7th biggest financier of the UN? We should reduce our monetary contribution to the useless body and I hope the Tories are looking at ways to do exactly that.

Maybe at one time, the UN started with the best of intentions... but we all know how it has fallen in with vipers and just like in everything else, one is judged by the company one keeps.

I wonder what will happen if the USA and Canada gets out of the UN altogether and stops funding it. I can dream can't I ?

CanadianSense said...

Unlike Liberals, the current government were not willing to sell out their principles.

SQ would not understand promises or oaths broken by members to Cannon.

SQ does not understand the concept of teamwork.

Southern Quebec said...

"SQ does not understand the concept of teamwork"

That's very funny Nonsense! Coming from a supporter of the biggest non-team player in the government today (Harper), who lives to disrupt the political process.

CanadianSense said...


You are incorrect. Our PM has been able to get at least 30 MPs from the Liberals to not show up for work to pass his agenda.

Heck he even had the Bloc in and NDP take turn passing his budgets.

Clearly you have NO clue in how teams work.

I would go so far as to say they love him.