Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Canada Apologizes For Liberal Opposition!

Minister Cannon was forced to apologize for Iggy's lack of support of Canada. When Canada is going for a seat on the security council, the last thing they need is the opposition in Canada telling everyone that we don't deserve it. That is exactly what Iggy did.

UNITED NATIONS — Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon issued a global appeal Wednesday for countries to ignore a claim by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff that Canada doesn’t deserve a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Addressing ambassadors from around the world in Ottawa, Mr. Cannon said Mr. Ignatieff had been “unable to put the interests of his country above the interests of his party.”

How sad the Liberals are, undermining Canada to pander to special interest groups for a few votes. They get so caught up in listening to the far left that they forget that they want to rule Canada, a sovereign nation. What they say and the Liberal media reports impacts ALL citizens of Canada. Do they just not care about Canada's image on the international stage because they are not the government? Either way, they show their contempt for Canada, the nation. You can bet that our Liberal media will be crowing in delight if Canada does not get the spot on the Security Council, and they will blame it all on the Conservatives, not Iggy. How sick are our lefties? They want Canada to fail.

Personally, I could care less if we get any seat on any committee at the UN. They are a corrupt organization that does nothing to save oppressed people. I would be perfectly happy is we quit paying our dues to the UN, and let the organization die.

Mr. Ignatieff provoked consternation, even among some members of his own party, when he last month asked Canadians to consider whether the country under a Conservative government had “earned” the right to what would be its seventh two-year council term since 1948.
I think Iggy forgot that he is Canadian and should be proud of the fact. He got so used to bashing Canada when he was on his 30 year tour, that he still thinks it's okay to do it now. It just slips out without him thinking about it, and then our government has to try to repair the damage. Iggy needs to understand that like it or not, the government the people chose was the Conservative party, and with only 70+ Liberals, they better be asking themselves if they have "earned" the right to get re-elected.


CanadianSense said...

Ignatieff is a global citizen and his relationship to Canada is tenuous at best.

His speeches reflect a desire to pander to the group paying his freight.

In 2005 he spoke in praise of American exceptionalism including George Bush.

In 2010 he shifts blame away from the herbivores who refuse to pay the note. Ignatieff chided Canadians for a bogus peacekeeping reputation of 40 years. He had praise for the US and Britain.

In 2009 he rewrote his speech to praise the Liberals in Canada. He blamed the Conservatives that took power in 2006 for a damaged international reputation.

He blamed Canada in his book for the victimization of aboriginal dad who was drunk, went for a walk in the night and "forgot" his responsibility to mind his two children from following, freezing to death that night.

He is unfit to hold any public office because he regularly uses a tragic event as props for his political advantage.

He is now using the fact his mother died and his father had a difficult time for the recycled policy on home care for a fifth time.

He has never won a race against a Liberal. The riding and second leadership race were not democratic contests.

wilson said...

'undermining Canada to pander to special interest groups'

has been the Liberal way since 2006.

The Iffy Liberals will champion the cause of any special interest group or person who takes to bashing a Canadian, a Canadian province, a Canadian industry, Canada on the world stage.

Iffy is just visiting,
the love of Canada does not motivate him.

MariaS said...

It's amazing how the unelected leader of the Libs is so ignorant. He just does not know what he is saying or doing. All he knows is that his role is that of a pit butt lashing out at whatever PM Harper's govt does.
Really sad that the Lib party has now become a party that even the die-hard Libs are fleeing from.

The ignoramus even sided with the CIC against our Defence Minister. It's there on the Lib website, I just saw it at Canadian Sentinel.

He will NEVER be the PM of this country... NEVER.