Monday, January 10, 2011

Father Forgive Them...

For they know not what they do. Education is clearly necessary for some people in this world. Ignorance is winning, and dictators are making sure that "their" people remain ignorant. Sudan is a perfect example, the voting is being done with symbols, not words, as most of the people can't read. Can you believe that in this day and age, people can't read or write? That is how the dictators remain in power.

It is also how the Imams keep "their" people ignorant. They use the power of speech to subdue or inflame those who can not read or write. It is all about power not about religion. No wonder the power hungry lefties support the backwards preaching of the Imams, they crave power too.

Pope Benedict XVI has called for Pakistan to repeal its anti-blasphemy law and demanded that governments in predominantly Muslim countries do much more to protect minority Christians from violent attacks.
The blasphemy laws are designed to allow Muslims to control and kill minorities. The Pope needed to come out strongly against a law that is designed to allow minorities in Muslim countries to be persecuted and killed. It's not just Christians who are being threatened, it is also other Muslim sects and especially women. As a female, I shudder to even think about living in a Muslim country. It would be so repressive and down right terrifying. Violence can erupt at anytime and bombs are not reserved just for non-believers.

An influential religious party in Pakistan said the pontiff's remarks were offensive and amounted to interfering in Pakistan's internal affairs.

"The pope has given a statement today that has not only offended the 180 million Muslims in Pakistan, it has also hurt the sentiments of the entire Islamic world," said Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, a senior leader of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI).

"This is an interference in Pakistan's internal matters ... we respect the pope, being head of Christians and their religion, but he should also refrain from interfering in Muslims' religious affairs."

Here is the main problem, religious parties interfering in the business of the state. Hurt feelings? Give me a break! If you were less primitive and more respectful of your mother's, wives, and daughters, you might not be so limited as human beings. No wonder the educated Muslims are fleeing to Canada and the United States, they understand that they have to get their children out of those repressive Muslim countries if they want their children to live without fear.

May southern Sudan vote to separate, so that their children can live without fear of being a minority in a Muslim country. I pray that they achieve the freedom they deserve, and will be able to peacefully live next to northern Sudan. The vote is only one step towards independence, but it is a huge step. Makes our Quebec Bloc seem very irrelevant in the whole scheme of things doesn't it?

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