Saturday, January 08, 2011

Layers of Wrong.

Recently I blogged about the Somali community that refused to give information to the police about a murder. They actually blamed the police for not doing their job. One woman has been in Canada for 20 years and still doesn't feel that her community gets the respect she thinks it deserves. Immigrants need to adapt to Canada and Canadian laws, not the other way around. This one of those things we know is wrong, but don't know how to fix.

We actually have it good here in Canada, the only country we border is the US, and most US citizens who want to come here do so legally. The US has a bigger problem with their Mexican border, and have started building fences to keep illegal immigrants out of their country. That is their right. They should protect the sovereignty of their nation by any means they can.

Luckily we are not part of the EU. They have layers of governments now, and that's just wrong. Any person who makes it into a EU nation can move freely through any EU nation. Sovereignty is becoming diminished for all EU nations.

We have layers of wrong.

First layer, the elected country representatives
Second layer the unelected EU
Third layer the unelected UN
Fourth layer the unelected Human Rights Tribunals
Fifth layer the unelected special interest groups
Sixth layer the unelected powerful unions
Seventh layer, the unelected civil servants/bureaucrats
Eighth layer, the unelected environmental groups
Ninth layer, the unelected, usually illegal immigrants

I would like to say the tenth layer is the individual, but we don't count, we have no say, we have no power except our vote.

With every layer, more laws are needed and less freedom for the individual occurs. Greece can enact a law the people want, but the EU can over-rule it and if the EU doesn't the UN can strongly suggest it be changed. Countries have no real power to govern themselves anymore. That's a huge wrong for the individuals in that country. This needs to be corrected.

UN refugee agency warns on Greek anti-migrant fence

(Reuters) - The U.N. refugee agency voiced concern on Friday that Greece's proposed 12.5 km-long fence at its border with Turkey will shut out asylum-seekers fleeing violence and abuse in their troubled homelands.

The fence could lead illegal migrants, including people in need of international protection, to resort to even riskier routes with the help of unscrupulous human traffickers, it said.

So, the UN can tell countries how to protect their borders? Screw off UN, Soros and Strong! We will not bow down to your one world government dream, it's not in our best interests, only yours, you sick money hounds. Remember, you can't take your wealth with you to your grave, but you do take your lack of morals into the eternal world. I see an eternity of nightmares in your future lives.

So many layers of wrong, they tie our hands more everyday. The Tea Party has the right idea, unbind our hands, let us live free of parasites. The layers of wrong are designed to sap the blood, sweat and tears from the productive to give to the unproductive parasites and dictators of this world, like Soros and Strong, the power behind the elected dictators.

One of the biggest parasites is the environmental movement that Strong made money on. Kyoto was a scam from the get go, but the environmental puppets danced to Strong's tune because it meant millions/billions for their cause. A bigger scam has never been seen before. All those layers of what we know is wrong with our society, we need to address and quickly.


Southern Quebec said...

You may want to think about your support for the Teaparty. Looks like one of their supporters might be responsible for the shooting in Arizona.

I guess the shooter took Sarah Palin seriously when she said to get the Democrats in the crosshairs and "lock and load". Words have meaning I guesss...who knew?

Alberta Girl said...

And I see that SQ jumped on the "conspiracy theory" bandwagon BEFORE all the facts were in.

You might have wanted to wait to find out that this was just another deranged kid who read - and obviously believed what the left put out.

I guess words do have meaning to nutcases as well.

But, it takes one to know one, huh SQ - especially when you have a political agenda to push.

Too bad that even the so called "professional media types" jumped on this one BEFORE all the facts were out.

But like they say - never waste a good crisis. I am sure the families of the dead won't mind that you and your ilk use their deaths at the hands of a nutcase to push your political agenda.

Nah, they won't mind......

Laurie Johnson said...

Hey SQ, turns out the shooter was a left wing democrat. Who`d of thunk. By the by Lee harvey oswald was a communist. You and the msm are pretty quick to insert your preconcived notions into a tradedy instead of offering up prayers to those affected. May God bless and care for those killed or injured and their loved ones. Amen

Laurie Johnson said...

The leftards in the msm can`t get the simpelst facts right. A Glock 9mil is not an automatic but a semi automatic. Let us keep our prayers going out to those involved.

Southern Quebec said...

AG: I don't see an conspiracy theories and I also have no agenda, political or otherwise to push. What I do see, though, is a politician (Palin) telling her supporters to "lock and load" and then showing Ms. Giffords district in their crosshairs. (I only deal in facts.) Strangely enough, Sarah Palin has scrubbed her site of all the offending messages she was sending.

LJ: (1) Is English your first or second language? and (2) It's a little late to bring God into this, isn't it?

Laurie Johnson said...

Hey SQ, do you even know what lock and load means? To lock and load a Browning 1911 means to chamber a round and keep the hammer cocked. A 1911 is a singele action fire arm. You then depend on the grip safety when holstered. Good way to loose needed body parts.

Laurie Johnson said...

Hey SQ, I speak Alberta hillbilly though I am also fluent in Nefunisy. Do you know what a strell is? It is never to late to bring God in to our lives.

hunter said...

I purposely did not blog on the tragic shooting of U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords because I was so disgusted with the leftists blaming Sarah and the Tea Party.

So, what does SQ do? Comes on my blog and spews her leftist hate for anything conservative, totally ignoring Obama telling his party supporters “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

Quit being so pathetic SQ. Obama's words have meaning too don't they now?

The shooter was mentally unstable, no matter what party he supported.

My prayers go out to all those hurt or killed and all the families and friends. They go out to SQ too, so that she may have compassion for those who are suffering.

Laurie Johnson said...

Sorry Hunter, I shoud`nt of got in to a flame war with SQ on your site.

hunter said...

No Laurie, she needed to be called out, and I depend on my regular readers, especially during the working days to call out anyone they think are out of line.

SQ is my longest standing lefty troll. Normally she is quite reasonable, but this time she needed to be called on her behaviour.

maryT said...

SQ, are you aware of the letter found in this guys safe saying he was going to kill the bit--. Have you paid attention to what he wrote on his fb page and other sites. Are you aware that former school students have said he was a problem in school. Are you aware he was refused when he tried to join the military. Sarah had nothing to do with his killing rampage.
How about all the hateful things he media and liberals have written and said about our PM, like Scott Reid-kill him dead, or the contest the liberals had where the winner was a picture showing our PM being assassinated. Hate by the media of our PM is not a reason to vote for the coalition.
I think that hate stems from the fact that they no longer make the rules or set policy or get invited to free lunches. The PPG thought they could get the PM to come their way, how wrong they were. And the longer our PM is in govt, the more the media will be seen as liberal supporters.
Oh, and did you hear that the great coalition in England is losing support. Gee, our media can't keep them popular. A coalition in Canada would be hounded out of office, to never be heard from again. And when the PM decides enough is enough Que will be tossed aside to flounder by itself. First step, eliminate the vote subsidy.

Laurie Johnson said...

I`m jelous, I want a lefty troll of my own. Wana share?

hunter said...

Hey SQ here's more "words have meaning" for you!

Kanjorski on Gov.-Elect Rick Scott: “Shoot Him”
By Jeffrey Lord on 11.9.10 @ 10:09AM

“That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida,” Mr. Kanjorski said. “Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him [sic] and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him. He stole billions of dollars from the United States government and he’s running for governor of Florida. He’s a millionaire and a billionaire. He’s no hero. He’s a damn crook. It’s just we don’t prosecute big crooks.

….But nothing to see here according to liberals…
………it’s Palin’s “cross hair” map that drove this crazy idiot to kill…..
……….even though he started planning to kill her way before this map existed.

Laurie, trolls are cute as bedbugs. Once you get them they are very hard to get rid of.