Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Impressive Young "Guns"!

Can I say guns anymore, or is it taboo? Who cares, this political correctness junk has gone too far anyways. Guns, guns, guns, guns.....there it's out of my system now. Who are those young "guns"?

Two very impressive Ministers, Kenney and Moore, with lots of other young "guns" for backup, like Mike Lake, James Rajotte, Minister Rona Ambrose (you go girl!), and Pierre Poilievre (this guy is a hoot). What these MP's bring is energy and most important they actually get things done.

Ministers Moore and Kenney gave a one, two "punch" (is punch allowed? I'm getting so confused about this politically correct stuff.) today by making sure that free speech triumphed over a repressive dictatorship or threats of protests.

Heritage Minister James Moore says the screening of a controversial documentary about Iran's nuclear program will be rescheduled, a day after the event was cancelled due to reported threats to staff at Ottawa's Library and Archives of Canada.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney similarly expressed his outrage over the incident.

"The cancellation of tonight's screening of Iranium is outrageous," he tweeted Tuesday evening, adding that he hoped the event's organizers would "overcome intimidation."

These two Minister's reacted quickly and decisively. I bet they didn't even contact PM Harper before acting, they have the power of their Ministries, and the lefties just can't adjust to that fact, even after 5 years.

I want to thank James and Jason for understanding what freedom of speech really means to people who do not have it. Good job "guys" (Is guys allowed or should I have said "people" to be more inclusive?)

James Moore is smoking hot ( can I say that?) in this interview. He is clearly upset and very passionate (is this allowed?) about this issue, and the CBC guy can't get any traction with his questions. More Ministers need to show their passion (ouch is that too provocative?) over issues like Minister Moore did.

One very noticeable thing about Conservative MP's is that they are young, full of energy and dedicated to their constituents and their principles. Can this be said about Liberals, young or old? Think Ralph Goodale, Ruby Dhalla, Hedi Fry, Wayne Easter (I am going to denounce my PEI relatives if they keep voting for the likes of Easter).

What the Conservatives have that other parties are missing, is the dedication to making Canada a better place for everyone. They also have young MP's who have gained a lot of experience in the last 5 years. Look at the Liberal MP's, they are old (Goodale), shrill (Carolyn Bennett/Hedy Fry/Wayne Easter/Mark Holland), and have never met a principle that they wouldn't throw out for votes. The Liberals need to refresh and find some policies.

I like the Impressive Young "Ones" (being politically correct), they are refreshing in an Ottawa climate of stagnant, stale, out for me, politicians.


The_Iceman said...

Ironically enough, I posted a poll questions one year ago to the day on who is the top Tory cabinet minister under 42.


Jason Kenney (56%)
James Moore (14%)
John Baird (10%)
Rona Ambrose (9%)

Southern Quebec said...

The movie Iranium? There were no threats...there was no was a publicity stunt. Congratulations on being a victim of Iranium!

CanadianSense said...

Kudos to SQ for solving the issue.

Reminds of other Liberal inquiries of getting to the rot.

Jason is doing a great job, his passage on the immigration bill almost had unanimous support until a small group in LPOC threw Maurizio under the bus.
The NDP and Bloc stepped up and passed the bill without further games from Liberals.

It was one of the reasons why I think LPOC is falling apart, no loyalty, vision or teamwork.

NeilD said...

His words ring hollow.
Where was he when a mere protest was threatened at a recent Ottawa gala that forced a renowned chef to quit in disgust?
Where was he when the separatist group threatened violence at the reenactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham?
How about the recent visit by Ann Coulter?
I could go on.

maryT said...

Neil D. those actions/threats were not made by a foreign government.
If investigated they were probably made by university students trying to flex their muscle. Wonder how many of those students will ever get a real job.

maryT said...

The CSIS director told us that politicians were under the influence of foreign govts. The media jumped to the conclusion that he was talking about BC politicians. I think he was talking about others. Rae comes to mind with his trip to the UAE, and if he had paid attention to facts he would know that Canada was not the only country denying more landing rights for the UAE.
But, what is new, the coalition members jump before learning facts.

Leeky Sweek said...

"Can I say guns anymore, or is it taboo?"

Just reverse it to "snug" and you should be fine.

Almost sounds endearing. :)

Southern Quebec said...

There was no protest, and the Chef was not "forced" to "quit" in disgust.

Facts have a known liberal bias...


hunter said...

I am beginning to think the SQ feels sort of at home here. She's here everyday, and her comments are getting more center lefty everyday. Might the fresh Alberta air be having an effect on her?

CanadianSense said...

Having visited QC and Alberta, hands down AB gets my vote.

Steak and eggs for breakfast in Edmonton. Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Edmonton had me at "hello".

CP hotels Banff and Lake Louise, "forget about it"

Calgary Stamps oh yeah!

hunter said...

CanadianSense, I have visited most provinces, want to get to Newfoundland one day, I suspect the people are closely matched to Albertans.

Loved Montreal, thought Toronto was just a big city with no character.

I'm glad you enjoyed Alberta, we need good people to move here.

MONSTER said...

Hunter... after 25 years working in Fort Mac I can safely say that those of the Newfoundland persuision are the most fun loving, bawdy, and laugh a minute folk to hang around with that can be found on the face of this earth.The storys that I could tell about hunting or "going on the beer" with my buddys from the rock would fill a book. Or future tales on my site. I speak fluent neufunesse so as a challenge to others on your site, what is a "strell"?

CanadianSense said...

I prefer to drive to experience smaller towns. Re: NFLD I was naive first visit I believed I could drive from St.John's to Corner book in one afternoon and back. (7 hour one way)

East Coast was wonderful the spirit and sense of humour.

Seafood to die for! (Foodie) It is not the same eating at Red Lobster vs a B&B or local eatery.

Cavendish PEI (beaches) Spent (Dominion Day) Canada Day in Charlottetown great fireworks. Kids were young but have photos.

Their are good people all over Canada including Toronto (born raised) Large cities all suffer the from the same problem in North America. (Impersonal)

We building our cities differently in North America now and the car and suburbs affect how we interact.

In many cities of Europe people walk up and down the streets, know their neighbours have a focal point where people meet up for public events like concerts.

Times are changing in Europe.