Sunday, January 30, 2011

Help Create A CBC Bumper Sticker.

I was amazed that people are stunned enough to protest "fake" CBC cuts, declaring "I Love CBC". I guess they think over a BILLION a YEAR to CBC is not enough. Funny I bet those are the same people who think money spent on our military should be spent on the homeless instead. Pinheads.

I decided that I needed to protest CBC, but don't have the time to gather in front of my nearest government/CBC office. My solution is to create a bumper sticker so I can protest everyday to and from work. I found a site that will allow me to create my own bumper sticker for just $5 plus shipping, but I would like some creative help.

Should I stick with the basic "I hate CBC", or go with the "Honk if you hate CBC", or how about "De-fund CBC"? Remember, I'm in Conservative country, so I can be bold. I'm not comfortable with the "hate" word, so help me create a really catchy slogan I can be proud to display on my car.

I have faith in your creativity, be it a slogan or a logo.


brettcaven said...


Don said...
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Don said...

Line 1: "The CBC"
Line 2: "Fire. Them. All."

Too Much?

(Also, I deleted my last comment because I wanted to show a two-liner.)

Anonymous said...

I was amazed when your boy PMSH spent a billion point two on two days of G8 and G20 in Toronto last spring. Spending a billion a year for a NATIONAL broadcast service can only be seen as a bargain in that light.

But, you know, whatever turns your crank. How much will they charge you to "ship" your bumper sticker?


Good luck with your campaign, propagandiste.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile make sure you don't consume any QMI products - government funding dontcha know.

West Coast Teddi said...

Canada’s Bored-cast Comedy

Continually Bashing Conservatives

West Coast Teddi said...

Fox News "luvs" CBC

maryT said...

Too bad liberal trolls can't understand that belonging to the G8/G20 means you must host them once in a while. Hosting costs money.
CBC-Can't Believe Content

hunter said...

I might have to get two or three bumper stickers. I love the "PRIVATIZE the CBC" one (thanks Brett Caven) and the

"The CBC"
"Fire. Them. All.

one (Thanks Don), Albertans will understand that one.

I wonder if I can combine WCT's, and MaryT's into one big sticker:

Continually Bashing Conservatives
Can't Believe Content

Nice, now I need more vehicles to put them on!

The_Iceman said...

Whatever you do, don't show the CBC logo in a sniper scope. You would be encouraging violence...

robins111 said...

How about.

The CBC hearts Sarah Palin.

Just to watch their heads explode

Anonymous said...


Constant Bull Crap

My work is done here....
Happy Sunday evening everyone!

hunter said...

I love them all, now I have to choose one or two and order it. Decisions, decisions.

JR said...

How about "CBC SUX"?

CanadianSense said...

Cojones Barren Corporation?

Leeky Sweek said...

CBC: Canadian Brain Control