Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hands In Our Pockets.

I work hard to support my family, as I am sure you all do. So why is it acceptable for the government to take my hard earned dollars and throw them away to dictators? Who gave government the right to spend my money to support failed states? I am sick of it. If I want to donate money to Haiti or Afghanistan, I will, I don't need the government to do it for me.

MONTREAL — Twenty-four hours after being skewered by a coalition of non-government organizations for not doing more to help ordinary Haitians in the wake of last year’s devastating earthquake, International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda has announced more than $90-million worth of projects focusing on health, education and agriculture in the impoverished island nation.
If those non-government organizations want more help, let them raise the money themselves instead of blaming the government. They are blood-suckers, and they will never be happy no matter what level of funding the government gives them. Enough of non-profits expecting the government (taxpayers) to pay for every pet project they want funded.


7:17 PM on January 11, 2011

An absolute waste of money. This corrupt country has decayed in every sense beyond repair and no amount of aid will ever change that. I would much prefer to see this countries aid dollars go where they will have a positive affect.


7:19 PM on January 11, 2011

I think canada needs to look at some of its own issues as well and put money where it is needed in its own country,


7:45 PM on January 11, 2011

I don't know about the rest of you but arent you sick and tired of paying your taxes only to have so much of it leave the country and end up in the pockets of " who the fk knows".

Sailfish Brian

7:47 PM on January 11, 2011


Maybe it's just too many people with their hands out who refuse to help themselves, maybe it's too many corrupt governments, maybe it's looking at our children and trying to get them through school, but it appears that Canadians are getting tired of being stepped on and bullied by every misfit organization or government who feel it is their right to have their hands in our pockets without doing anything to earn that right. Stop the aid to corrupt foreign governments. Get their hands out of our pockets.


Southern Quebec said...

"Who gave government the right to spend my money to support failed states?"

You did, didn't you? I know I didn't vote for any of the bozos currently in power.

You don't seem to have a problem with the army going to Afghanistan? Now there's a serious waste of my tax dollars! That and Bev Oda's limo bills!

bertie said...

And another thing I HATE.Every time i go through a cash to pay for something,I get the famous line...DO YOU WANT TO DONATE a dollar TO WHOMEVER..I am tempted to leave my groceries there and not pay for them.I get enough door bell ringers and mall charities bugging me year round without having to endure this begging at every cash register and every store i go into.This begging should be outlawed as it is an embarrassment to the shopper and the cashier.

maryT said...

Considering that the Haiti govt has its hands out for thousands in import taxes to allow aid into that country, a lot of it sits/sat in the hot sun to spoil. Why didn't they allow these goods to be exempt or cancel the duties all together. No wonder no one does business there. 15,000 to bring in one truck is stupid.
This problem was made public a year ago. One reason I never gave one cent to the cause.
If the govt of Haiti really wanted to help their people they would accept those gifts given by aid organizations. Instead, they want that money for their own entitlements.

maryT said...

SQ, in case you have missed it, even liberal governments gave away our tax dollars to failed states.

Anonymous said...

Bertie: I think most of these 'Do you want to donate a dollar' schemes are more about the store being 'fashionable' than actually 'charitable'. Aside from STARS air ambulance, a women's shelter I've supported for years and the odd kid selling chocolate almonds at the front door, I don't give a nickle to any other 'cause'. Especially the United Way. They operate like mafia....skimming off the top from the get go.

Might I also add, maryT, guess what government got us into Afghanistan in the first place Hint for SQ: It wasn't Stephen Harper.

Laurie Johnson said...

I agree with Eskimos giving style 100% Most of the international charity`s are scams to give lefties a pay chek and some third world dictators Swiss bank accont a boost.

hunter said...

bertie, I hate that too, you feel like Scrooge if you don't donate a dollar! I'm torn because I have volunteered at a Safeway to raise money for "Dogs with Wings", the difference I think is that we were there, packing groceries with the dogs beside us, so you could actually see the dogs involved. For a small charity $20,000 raised is HUGE! Those are the ones I will support.

Like Eskimo says big organizations like United Way, are administration heavy, charity light. United Way has all the big corporations doing the heavy lifting for them.

MaryT, I agree all those goods, sitting on the tarmac because the government is corrupt. I say, no more money for those dictators until they can show the money is reaching the people.

Eskimo, I always enjoy your very perceptive comments, you are right on the money!

Laurie, could you include your blog in your profile? Monster needs more exposure, and when I click on your name, it doesn't list your blog.

Laurie Johnson said...

Sure Hunter it`s http://monsterinthewest.com/. I`ll work on linking it to MONSTER.Didn`t even think about that. monster

Laurie Johnson said...

Thank for the heads up. Now I just have to figure out how to do it. If any one can help my E-mail is monster@monsterinthewest.com. MONSTER