Sunday, January 23, 2011

Find Your Voice! Stop Being Dictated To By Lefties!

The media needs to sell papers so "attack ads" sells more than "truth ads". Let's get real, all political parties put out ads, some are serious, some are pointed at policies, some are pointed at leaders, and some are even funny. No matter how hard the media tries to shape public opinion on the ads, if they ring true with the intended audience, they are successful ads.

Here' s an ad that I think should have been very effective:

Seeing as Doer was re-elected, it couldn't have been as effective as desired. One of the most effective ads, that I remember from the 2006 election, wasn't even by a political party, and it wasn't intended to be political, but every single time I saw it, I thought about the Liberals, so thanks Capital One!

Whoever does the Capital One ads needs a raise! That ad alone helped to give votes to the Conservative party because adscam was still fresh in voters minds.

The media coverage is making Liberals into victims of big bad Conservatives. Poor babies. As if the Liberals or NDP have never put out "attack ads", like this one:

That ad didn't work as Brad Wall is now the Premier of Saskatchewan. I tend to like the funny engaging ads the best, but I remember the truly negative ads the most, like the Liberals "Soldiers in our Streets" ad that never actually aired, but the blog-sphere got the word out on that one really quickly, and the TV news stations were forced to air it.

Do "attack ads" work? Yes, but mostly only for the people who have already made up their minds. Can they give the final push into determining my vote? Probably. I liked Stockwell Day's jetski stunt, it made him look young and dynamic, compared to Chretien. Then the lefty media got really cruel, calling him "Doris Day", and a bright star was dimmed. I still really like him and think he got a raw deal from the Liberal friendly media, but that's what Conservatives have to expect. Steven Harper get's no breaks from the media, but he is too strong in character to buckle under the lefty media pressure, and that has the media in a tizzy! He makes them look like fools, and it looks good on them.

Here is an idea, let's take the media on. Blog more about their bias, comment more at their sites, and watch the political shows less. Lower their viewership and therefore their ad income. I would love to see what has happened to CTV's viewership since Duffy has left. I suspect it has gone down. Conservatives are not noted for being "activists", I have never protested anything in my life, but I find it very easy to email my MLA, Senator, or MP, depending on what I am ticked off about at the time. It is getting easier to make your point by contacting companies, like those who have said they are going to boycott the oilsands, and then quickly back down because the silent majority is finally finding it's voice. Find your voice, stop being drowned out and dictated to by the radical, boisterous lefties.


Thucydides said...

Perhaps the most effective ways to get the word out is to take back local media.

Many media conglomerates bought at the top of the market, and would be willing to unload radio stations, newspapers and even television stations to cut the bleeding and balance their books. Reviving these outlets as local media telling stories of local interest will bring back the audience (most of whom were not interested in reading, hearing or watching what was being written and produced in Toronto).

Second tier community newspapers and the college and university radio stations should also be taken, by joining the boards and volunteering your time and effort.

CBC and CTVGlobal are dinosaurs, lets become small furry mammals!

hunter said...

I have to agree with you about taking back the local media. I get really tired of hearing pundits from Toronto lecturing me. They have no clue about the west, and they don't really care about us.

liberal supporter said...

So if you "take back" local media, then discover the majority actually don't like the right wing bias you inflict on us through them, will you give them back?