Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Thick Are They?

It's easy, reduce business taxes, increase jobs and investment income. Only NDP voters lack the intellect to understand that simple logic, oops, I mean only lefties like the Liberals, NDP and Bloc can't understand the concept of reducing taxes to encourage investment. It appears David Akins suffers from the same disease.

OTTAWA – Watch out Stephen Harper: Your political opponents might be on to something when it comes to corporate taxes.

A new poll, taken exclusively for QMI Agency, finds that four in 10 Canadians believe that not only should the government scrap a planned round of corporate tax cuts, the government should be hiking corporate income taxes.

When does 40% make up a majority? The opposition are quick to tell us that ONLY 38% voted for the Conservatives and therefore a majority of people didn't. Now it appears that 40% is a majority when it comes to corporate tax increases. Okay, let's increase taxes for all those corporations that have unions, make the unions pay the new taxes from their wages. Let's see how they squeal then.

Something else the MSM is failing to tell people. The tax reductions has already been passed with the help of the Liberals. Yes, you heard that right, the tax reductions are already law. Why are the Liberals bleating about it, when they voted for it? They are using the emotional angle. Big, bad, corporations are getting a tax break. Those CEO's are raking in the dough, and people are starving in the streets! People forget that corporations employ people. Let the unions create jobs. Give me an example of one union that has created jobs, ever. They take dues from the workers and use those dues to get politically involved, like their support of Palestine. They are not democratic, they FORCE their members to give them money, and the members have no say in how they spend it. Talk about dictators.

Liberals are showing how hypocritical they really are, they vote for corporate tax reductions and then reverse their position and are against them. Flip flop, flip flop, like a fish out of water.


Jymn said...

Hunter, I love you. You are the epitome of a conservative. You and MariaS define your genre. Keep on truckin'.

Southern Quebec said...

Reduce business taxes - That only means that the boys at the top can increase their bonuses!

Increase investment income - Interest rates would have to go up, less home ownership, more foreclosures...

Jymn...MariaS is no longer a Blogging Tory.

Alberta Girl said...

SQ - maybe that is how it works in your province, but everywhere else in Canada - reducing taxes means that the company - (yes company, dear, because this benefits small business too - likely even the company that pays your wages) - can hire more people (or not reduce their staff because of taxes), give their employees wage increases or expand their business.

Only a socialist wouldn't understand the simple concept of taxes saved - money spent.

maryT said...

I would love for SQ to list all the places he/she spends money in a week, and surprise, surprise, most of it is spent on some business that is a corporation. Why people like that want to vote to raise the prices they pay for everything they buy, plus cause the possibility of their job being eliminated is beyond me.
And if 4 out of 10 are against the cuts, that means 6 out of 10 are for them, and that is a majority.
The good news is that the PM will not give in to the Bloc blackmail.

wilson said...

SQ comes from a province
- where there is NO population growth,
- where 6 out of 10 immigrants that set up businesses in Quebec,
high tail it for BC, Alberta and Ontario at lightning speed,
- where Quebec is the only province in Canada where the brain drain has NOT reversed.
The best and brightest get their cheap education and then leave.

Quebecers have given the Liberal-separatist coalition 20 years to setting the agenda.
They feed off each other.

Results: pushing away businesses and anglos,
turning Quebecers into beggars,
that created a political system that encourages corruption, hand outs and sleeze.

Quebecers are voting in political parties that are destroying their 'nation'

Southern Quebec said...

Only a conservative would believe that a corporation would give their employess a raise if the tax rate went down. If the government were serious about "small business" owners they would lower the taxes just on small business.

If you believe that the Royal Bank, WalMart and Esso are going to give their employees a raise, well hahahahahaha...

Full disclosure: I am the owner of a "small business" corporation!
Oh noes....

Alberta Girl said...

And what do you intend to do with your "tax cut"?????

This whole bro-ha-ha over something the Liberals agreed to and are now opposing is all in an effort to create an election issue.

The problem is that the media and the opposition are being decietful in how they are reporting on this issue.

When you have economist after economist coming out and saying tax cuts create jobs - why on earth would you stick with the fallacy that it goes into the pockets of the owners.

Like I said - that must be how you Quebecers treat your employees!!!

gimbol said...

Boy I can't think of a better reason for the opposition to force an election, that the government isn't collecting enough taxes...
Which by the way, they where for the tax cuts before they where against them.

wilson said...

The Feds and Premiers get together in 2007, and agree on a strategy called Advantage Canada.

BOTH levels of government legislate corp tax cuts, a 5 year plan.

On the 4th year of a 5 year plan, Iffy yells STOP,
I've change my mind.

For gawd sake Liberals,
how can you tolerate yourselves?

Frances said...

SQ - I do the books for several small businesses, so I am - perhaps - more qualified to speak than you are on this topic. Trust me, intelligent businessmen and businesswomen are committed to keeping and nurturing good staff. Indeed, they well know that excellent staff are a large reason for the success of the business. That being said, there are sad realities such as cash flow and profitability that do inhibit the recognition of staff worth as much as it might.

Actually, payroll taxes such as CPP and EI are much more of an issue than the tax rate. Especially for small business, taxes payable can be adjusted by paying bonuses to the owners, taking a different approach to amortization (subject to CRA rules), etc. But CPP and EI are payable on the 15th of the next month, regardless of the business's profitability or cash flow. Indeed, raising wages will lower taxes, though it's not a 1:1 ratio.

And the company may well need to have some decent retained earnings to keep going (think a chiropractic clinic bought by a former employee: said employee probably has a fairly hefty loan and only the interest can be written off. So there has to be decent profit to ensure the cash flow to pay off the principal of the loan. Increase the tax on the profit, and the profit itself has to increase to pay for said principal. Employee salaries and/or benfits are probably the easiest way to make up the deficit.


hunter said...

Welcome Jymn, glad you like rednecked, independent women with attitude, my husband however suffers from migraines! HA!

Thanks everyone for straightening out poor SQ. Frances, you should chat with MaryT, she's great with accounting. Come to think of it, are all accountants Conservative like all lawyers are Liberals?