Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 plus 1 plus 4 = 10

Belated Congrats Conservative party and PM Harper (I still love saying that!). Five years in a minority government and still kicking (Can I say kick or is that too violent?). My prediction is that we will not have an election this year, so it will be five plus 1. Then the Conservatives will get their majority giving them 4 years to get things done, leading us to 5 plus 1 plus 4 = 10.

To see PM Harper's speech go here to CTV. Ignore the comments, lefties are Harper Haters. It's as disgusting as the lefties blaming Sarah and the Tea Party for a deranged man shooting and killing people at a political rally. Rational is not a term lefties understand, I dare not mention common sense!

If the Conservatives get a majority what would we see?
The end of the long gun registry (hello lefties, not a big surprise and the reason many lefty MP's are going to lose their seats!).

An elected Senate. (What's so scary about that?).

The demise of the CWB monopoly (thank goodness. How stupid is it that western farmers are forced to sell their grain to the CWB while eastern farmers can sell their grains to anyone they want?)

More criminals behind bars for longer, (It's about time, and don't believe the lefty propaganda that crime is decreasing.) My husbands truck (yes we are rednecks, and proud of it!) was broken into, we reported it and the police just said call your insurance company, no formal report was written, so it doesn't appear in StatsCan data. I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones this has happened to.

5 plus 1 plus 4 = 10 (at least) years that the Conservatives will be in power. Suck it up lefties. You want a cleaner environment? Go to China, they need help cleaning up their pollution. You want to give women in third world countries the abortion option? Go over there and help that goal come true, but don't expect me to pay for it. Learn to raise your own funds, don't come running to the government for your grants and entitlements, taxpayers are sick of everyone with outstretched hands and no results.

What would you like to see done for Canadians, in the next 5 years of Conservative government? What is your priority?

I want a reduction of the deficit and debt. Interest rates are only going up, so we need to manage our debt, and that includes provinces, municipalities and hospitals.


West Coast Teddi said...

Hear Here!! and Thank You

MONSTER said...

Sorry to go off topic (though I agree with the post) But YEEHAA, Red Ed is hanging it up. Sounds like he`s scared of Danielle.

maryT said...

Ditto Monster.

MONSTER said...

Darn, apperently he isn`t leaving right away. Just gonna hang around till the next election. Watching the news conforince when he was talking about the nasty right wing attack adds I thought he was gonnna start crying.

hunter said...

Run Monte Run!!! I could get behind him as our next Premier.

L said...

Cut government departments/agencies/crown corps that serve little purpose, duplicate provincial programs or should be privatized.

Tough negotiations with PS unions.

Reduce funding for contracting out government work.

Reform, re-focus and reduce refugee program; review immigration program.

Re-open the Constitution and fix some problematic clause.

Shut down HRC or tightly limit their mandate.

Review government administration (staffing and finance are too expensive).

Review PS position classification standards.