Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Run Monte Run!

As we in Alberta say thanks and goodbye to Stelmach as our Premier, we need to think about how he got to be our Premier. Lefties signed up for party membership to vote for Jim Dinning and allowed Stelmach to come up the middle and win. That's what meddling in an election gets you, like the Liberals ended up with Dion, the third place choice.

Stelmach is a good and honest man, who was like a fish out of water, he is a perfect example of Peter's Principle, he was elevated one step too many. I believe that he is trying to save the PC party by retiring, but I wonder if it is not too late. I don't think it is his fault, the government is stale and too liberal, even a new leader might not help. Might not. The leader will be important. Fresh, new blood is needed.

I had already decided to vote for Wildrose next election if they ran a candidate in my riding, now the game has changed. My vote is going to depend on who the PC's pick for a leader. I'm sure Morton is the front runner, but he is not new, and he has less charisma than Stelmach did. No other PC MLA rings any vote bell with me, and if it comes down to Morton as the new leader, my vote bell is just a hollow ringing in the back of my head. The glow is off of Morton, his timing was off, he should have run for the Wildrose leadership, now he is just an old PC MLA.

Run, Monte, Run! Monte Solberg as leader would return my vote to the PC's. He is young, dynamic, Conservative and smart. He also wouldn't take any guff from special interest groups, other Premiers, or even PM Harper. With him in Alberta and Premier Wall in Saskatchewan, maybe a new Conservative government in Manitoba, the west would continue rising! The east would only be able to look on with envy, or get smart and go with the Conservative flow.

Jim Prentice might also get my vote, but he's a bit too small c conservative for me. He reminds me more of a Dinning type candidate. He's too politically correct for a young dynamic Alberta. We need a champion.

Alberta needs a true Conservative government, not like the blue liberal crew we seem to have now. You can already see the "labeling" going on in the media calling the Wildrose Alliance party "far-right". Little does the eastern media understand that a label like that is guaranteed to drive more votes towards the Wildrose, than away. A good mix of new Wildrose MLA's and some of the old PC's could work really well FOR Alberta.

These are just my initial thoughts on a situation that is sure to change in the next year here in Alberta. Finally, we might have an exciting election. Oh, and to the three lefty Alberta parties... good luck on splitting the 20% vote between you all.

This time you lefties should stay out of other parties leadership campaigns. How would you Liberals have liked it if all us Conservatives (and there are a lot of us) had signed up to vote for your leader? You can show your support for your party by voting for them next election. Keep it honest this time. Let PC members vote for their new leader without interference.

Come on Monte, RUN!


Southern Quebec said...

Is there nothing you don't blame the "lefties" for? Srsly...

maryT said...

First thing the conservatives have to do is decide that no one can vote unless their membership is at least 6 months old. I was working the polls for the leadership and even the second vote, people walked in and paid 5.00 and voted.
I do agree, libs and ndp will never lead AB.
And OT, but Layton is out to lunch if he thinks he can win 3 seats in Edmonton.
And what did O promise last night, to reduce corporate taxes.

Alberta Girl said...

I agree with Mary T...selling $5 memberships up until the day of the vote that allow you to vote for the leader of a party you despise is what got us into this problem.

Who ever thought up that idea needs to be taken to the cleaners.

And yes SQ - we do blame it all on the lefties - and on Duccepe who is using extortion to try and fleece money from us. But that seems to be the Quebec way. So why don't you go worry about your own province - in fact, why don't you try changing things there - vote in a right wing party and see if you can't clean up your province because it hasn't done so well under the lefties, now has it.

Reid said...

I doubt Monte would run for the PCs. I get the feeling he's a WAP kinda guy. The fact of the matter is the Alberta PCs ceased being "conservative" some time ago. They have been coopted by liberals who know that the only way to the trough in Alberta is to call yourself a "conservative" whether you are one or not.

It's sort of like the new Alberta Party. They're just the same as the Alberta Liberals minus the word liberal. Why do you think Dave Taylor felt so comfortable moving over there?

No Monte would never sully himself by running for the PC leadership.

Jim Prentice on the other hand.... he's just liberal enough to be comfortabe with such a move.

MONSTER said...

Hey SQ, unlike Hunter and Alberta Girl I don`t blame everything on the lefties. Some things I blame on the Borg or the Romulans. The lefties don`t have Warp drive you see.

MONSTER said...

Though now that I think about it the Romulans are pretty authoritarian and the Borg are communistic to the core. Ya the lefties are to blame for every thing. Sorry SQ.

Southern Quebec said...

Monster: It is very obvious then, that you must belong to the Party of Personal Responsibility... hhahahaha

MONSTER said...

SQ... yes I do believe in Personal Responsibility. I shovel my walk, don`t rob banks, never kick puppies and change my shorts once a week whether they need it or not. Just my way of being a good citizen

liberal supporter said...

PLEASE PLEASE draft Monte! I'm tired of his sneering condescension in his column in the Sun. Despite his apparent intelligence, he prefers to waste it on cattiness that makes the Palinator look like Churchill.


MONSTER said...

Why do the Libs always end their comments with a bad imitation of Cesar Romero playing the Joker. Riddle me this

liberal supporter said...

Why do the Libs always end their comments with a bad imitation of Cesar Romero playing the Joker. Riddle me this.
Why are you trying to change the bat-channel?

MONSTER said...

O.K, back to the post. I don`t care who wins the P.C leadership. they won`t be Premier for long. Once a new election is called (only right to do after a change in leadership) Danielle Smith and the Wildrose will be in power. Morton? just a lib in blue clothing.