Sunday, January 09, 2011

Green Prisons! A Match Made In Heaven.

Greens want utopia, prisoners want a new start in life, blend the two together and you get green prisons! It's an idea everyone can love. Here's how it works:

You take a bunch of greenies protesting the oil sands and a bunch of criminals protesting their unfair treatment in prisons and combine the two. You set them down in the NWT with solar panels, wind turbines, and enough materials to build shelter. It's a win win situation. The greenies can build their perfect non-oil utopia while helping reform criminals, who just need more hugs.

Think about it. Environmentalists keep telling us that the end is near if we don't change our habits, but they are they biggest users of oil products out there (plane travel to Mexico anyone, massive houses for Gore and Suzuki). If they were really serious they would set up a prototype village using only renewable energy sources. This has not been done to my knowledge. They seem to be too happy in their university dorms to actually live the life they want to impose on us.

If they are to be believed then they should lead by example. Given that our world has a fever (Gore), they should set up operations in the Arctic, to show us how to grow vegetables using wind and solar power. They should also abide by the hundred mile rule to live. If we incorporate a prison into the mix, they can train the prisoners in the set up and maintenance of green energy, so they will have a skill when they return to society. Of course if the prisoners forget to take care of the bird choppers, a prison break is very likely. In the newly warmed world, the prisoners would stand a very great chance of surviving the melting Arctic.

If I must fund environmentalists with my tax dollar, I demand that they prove that non-renewable energy is possible in Canada, in the winter. Build a model village using only renewable wind and solar, fill it with criminals and make it work. Why haven't the greenies done this yet? They have been yelping for more than 20 years, but have accomplished nothing.


CanadianSense said...

We should also send up the Liberals with camera's for a bit of reality television.
Our state broadcaster can send the best and brightest and capture our culture.
They can save money and drop the American game shows.

The NDP can join, setting up a professional grievance structure requires institutional experience. The NDP are only matched with the Bloc. (We can send them too just in case if someone feels slighted and this new Prison Reality- Green project is "too Canadian".

West Coast Teddi said...

A "CanadianSense-ible solution” being the first fully planned "green city" in the Arctic in advance of the global melt down which would be a coop for Canada and probably win the country another fossil award. But but but … don’t fossils make oil!! Oh No … dirty green oil. In Canada, with guns, in our Arctic.

wilson said...

But but but, it's all the fault of the 'tarsands'!!!!

New study suggests climate change would continue even without greenhouse gases