Thursday, January 06, 2011

Liberal CTV Gets Spanked!

Who better than Small Dead Animals to give us the lowdown.

"The stupidest decision ever made?"

Not only is CTV being exposed as huge Liberal champions, but the Sun media has been running a column by Brian Lilley about all the CBC abuses of our taxpayer money. Is it working?

These CBC stories are getting tedious. Sure looks like you're scraping the bottom of the barrel here.
Sometimes, less is more.

Sam Steil, January 5th 2011, 4:19pm

That comment is an excellent clue. Yes the reports on CBC are working. How do I know? Out of all the things my husband could have talked about today, he mentioned the CBC articles by Brian Lilley. Remember he is very non-political, so he is my weather vane on all things political. If something gets his attention, it is also getting the attention of all those other non-political people out there. Brain Lilley needs to keep it up. My husband is really mad that CBC is not disclosing their expenses. He actually wants the government to do something about it.

The time has come for the Conservative government to stop hiding from the issues that are important to Conservatives. The time is now for the Conservative government to start pushing the opposition. The time is now for the Conservative government to stop funding Liberal special interest groups, like the HRC's and CBC. Stop being pacifist, junkless wonders and go for the juggler. Stop the taxpayer funding of political parties, if the opposition don't like it, election here we come.

People want to vote for a party that listens to them, not a party that twists itself into a mini-me Liberal party. Get bold, grow some spine. The average non-political person is ripe for the picking. They want a party to vote for, not against.

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liberal supporter said...

Every time they publish yet another juicy tale of expenses they claim the CBC is "hiding", I send an email to QMI Sun Media, asking them to disclose in the paper the exact same facts they are demanding from the CBC under FOI requests. I suggested a nice spreadsheet with each of their questions in its own row, with the CBC response, CTV's response and QMIs response in columns. I point out that such a tabular format more easily shows the blatant secrecy of the CBC this way.

Of course they have never replied, nor done as I suggest. The problem is, the information they demand is highly useful to competitors, and of course they won't give that out for themselves, so the spreadsheet would look pretty silly with little pictures of gags in the CBC column as well as their own.

So it would seem that QMI/Sun, that bastion of free enterprise, is unable to compete on merit and needs to get the playing field tilted by getting lots of strategic business intelligence on their competitors, supplied under government order at the expense of the competitor, without the chore of having to do the legwork themselves. Of course this is nothing new, given that the original SunTV application demanded forced carriage on basic cable.