Thursday, September 30, 2010

And I Thought The RCMP Were Bad?

They are angels compared to the police in Ecuador! Thank goodness the President has been rescued and is safe.

Ecuador troops rescue president from rebel cops

Ecuadorean soldiers firing automatic weapons and concussion grenades rescued President Rafael Correa late Thursday from a hospital where he was trapped most of the day by police rebelling over a cut in benefits.

At least one security force member was wounded in the 35-minute operation, and the government said at least one person was killed and six injured in clashes earlier in the day outside the hospital between Correa's supporters and insurgent cops.

Correa, 47, told cheering supporters from the balcony of the Carondelet palace after being spirited away from the hospital at top speed in an SUV that the uprising was more than a simple police protest.

"There were lots of infiltrators, dressed as civilian and we know where they were from," he shouted. But he did not blame anyone specifically.

You would think that police would understand the concept of "law and order". Guess not. Looting of course followed. How easy it is for a democracy to be taken over by a few misguided people. How difficult it is to overthrow a dictatorship.

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CanadianSense said...

Yeah our boys got hooked up with glow sticks, bug spray and snacks according to the opposition!

Can you imagine if they took away their Timmies?

We would be rounded up and put in the G20 Toronto Hotel.