Tuesday, September 07, 2010

CBS Wants You To Rate The President!

How did Obama do in his first year? CBS wants you to rate various factors. Here is how he is doing so far:

Yikes, that has to sting! Even on a lefty site, Obama only scores an F by 64% of Americans...and a few Canadians. This is not a good sign for the Democrat's in the upcoming November elections.

Americans are giving him a huge thumbs down on health care, smart people that they are, they understand socialist programs are bad for everyone.

A clear 79% of Americans do not like the health care bill. That is huge considering all the Obama supporters in the last election. Where has all the support for a hope and change president gone? Maybe it's evaporated because he has offered no hope and bad changes. Go vote if you want, even you Liberal trolls, maybe you can bump up his numbers, but I wouldn't count on it. Too bad he has 4 years in power. This poll was opened in January and appears to still be open, are they hoping for the numbers to change for the better?

I suspect, by the numbers attracted to the Tea Party movement, that things are going to change come November, it appears that Americans are realizing what a huge mistake they made electing Obama. Sure makes me thankful that we have Prime Minister Stephen Harper to guide this wonderful country.

I found this comment at the site very interesting:

CBO: Eight Years of Iraq War Cost Less Than Obama's Two Year Stimulus Act

As President Obama prepares to tie a bow on U.S. combat operations in Iraq, Congressional Budget Office numbers show that the total cost of the eight-year war was less than the stimulus bill passed by the Democratic-led Congress in 2009.

According to CBO numbers in its Budget and Economic Outlook published this month, the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom was $709 billion for military and related activities, including training of Iraqi forces and diplomatic operations.

The projected cost of the stimulus, which passed in February 2009, and is expected to have a shelf life of two years, was $862 billion.

The U.S. deficit for fiscal year 2010 is expected to be $1.3 trillion, according to CBO. That compares to a 2007 deficit of $160.7 billion and a 2008 deficit of $458.6 billion, according to data provided by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

In 2007 and 2008, the deficit as a percentage of gross domestic product was 1.2 percent and 3.2 percent, respectively.

"Relative to the size of the economy, this year's deficit is expected to be the second largest shortfall in the past 65 years; 9.1 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), exceeded only by last year's deficit of 9.9 percent of GDP," CBO wrote.

The CBO figures show that the most expensive year of the Iraq war was in 2008, the year when the surge proposed by Gen. David Petraeus and approved by President Bush was in full swing and the turning point in the war. The total cost of Iraq operations in 2008 was $140 billion. In 2007, the cost of Iraq operations was $124 billion.

According to an analysis by the American Thinker's Randall Hoven, the cost of the Iraq war from 2003-2008 -- when Bush was in office -- was $20 billion less than the cost of education spending and less than a quarter of the cost of Medicare spending during that same period.
Too bad the stimulus money did next to nothing for the American economy. It's Americans who are suffering for the bad fiscal policies of the Democrats...remember they have total control of both the Congress and the Senate, plus the White House with a Democratic President, so they have no excuse for their own failed policies.

I can't wait to see what happens in November, will America reawaken, or will they slumber on?

H/T Thomas Anderson


Anonymous said...

From the very beginning, I said that Obama was an empty shirt. He may be intelligent and he may be a really nice guy but he is definitely not presidential material. The media attacked Palin and the media kissed Obama's feet - the voting public is so easily swayed by optics. Now, Obama's wife...she is predidential material but not him.

CanadianSense said...

I suspect taxpayers in Europe, Canada and the US are tired of paying for programs and policies by politicians of any party.

It is a strong anti-incumbent push to get the old guard out of office.

Fortunately for the Conservatives, four years in power in a minority has not seen the excess that we had during the 13 dark years of the Liberals.

The CPC need to continue to tighten their spending and push the reviews to reduce the size of government.

Spending on roads, military will be high because of the neglect by the Liberals during their last reign.

The danger is the provincial governments have not been effective at keeping costs down and have been increasing the burden locally.

The taxpayer is being squeezed and our children will pay for the policies of bloated government and regulations.

liberal supporter said...

Did Boba Fett and Homer Simpson vote in this online poll, along with Margaret Atwood?

Southern Quebec said...

"Fortunately for the Conservatives, four years in power in a minority has not seen the excess that we had during the 13 dark years of the Liberals."

Have you been out of the country for the last four years? The Cons took a Liberal SURPLUS and spent it all...and much much more!

Anonymous said...

"The Cons took a Liberal SURPLUS and spent it all..."

Come on SQ, try to keep up. The so-called surplus the liberals claim was not really a surplus. The then liberal government acheived this by slashing healthcare and burdening this on the provinces. Military spending was also slashed. Liberals seem to think that soldiers are scary and would rather our armed men and women not be armed and only participate in UN missions passing out chocolate to children. They also hiked UI rates through the roof creating this false surplus because these monies are received into general revenue only making it appear to be surplus funds. Very sleazy accounting. Equally hilarious is how anyone in thier right mind would think Paul Martin was some sort of financial genious with this creative book cooking.