Monday, September 13, 2010

Can You Read This? I Bet Atwood Can!

If you can, you are obviously a Globe and Mail reader, and not a Sun newspaper reader according to elitist Liberal supporters. So on top of that, SUN TV will be only further fodder for us illiterates, or so says Atwood.

To illustrate how unbalanced the lefties are about SunTV, we have this perfect example:

September 12th 2010, 4:36pm
Mr. Levant is less than truthful. Ms. Atwood's beef about the SUN Tv application was that THE PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA was attempting to influence and intimidate the body that governs broadcasting in Canada, CRTC.

Is this an indication of how truthful SUN TV will be? If so, then I agree with others who believe that SUN will strive to be anything but fair and balanced, much like its American cousin, FOX news!

Fairandbalanced is anything but fair and balanced. He/She/It has already decided that SUN TV will not be balanced. As we all know, CBC and CTV are fair and balanced, if you are a lefty that is, but a station that isn't even in existence will not be balanced, so say the lefties. The hysteria about a station that hasn't even aired is really funny, considering that a station funded by BLOOD OIL Saudis was accepted in Canada without so much as a whisper from our lefties.

For your typical lefty thinking we have:

What's the Story Korey
September 13th 2010, 7:45pm
That right wing little shit Korey better how his pal Fat Steve Harper holds on long enough to give the bottom feeding Sun TV a licence. Otherwise the Liberals will shred Korey's application and give inbred TV the pass.
NICE! What a profound statement! My 14 year old son is more mature than this guy/gal/it! I would bet money they are a university student.

The smell of desperation is sticking to the Liberals like glue to your kids latest art project. Telling SUN readers that they can't read is a winning strategy for Liberals. It will make the Liberal elites cream their drawers thinking they have really put those red neck Conservative voters in their proper place, at the bottom of the food chain, where all Liberals know they belong.

Unfortunately for those ohhh so progressive regressives, we are on to their silly games, and we will show them with our ability to read the ballot box.

H/T Just Right


CanadianSense said...

Some of us have been predicting another retreat of the left for several months.

Toronto, Ontario, Europe, US and Nationally Canada.

Premier McGuinty invoked "hidden agenda" yesterday on Hudak at Queen's Park.

The politics of fear and division is the last refuge for the Liberals sensing their pandering to special interest won't save them in the next election.

The Canadian media has been enabling the left as many in the media were taught "social justice" in our education system. The media has grown up with this sense of entitlement for their beliefs without being accountable to evidence and facts.

The push back against socialism is taking place. Their failed ideology can't withstand scrutiny.

Climategate is an example.

Fidel Castro has recently admitted the socialism model does not work for them.

Liberals are attacking everyone as we start to de-fund, unwind their destructive policies.

This is an ugly sight to behold but accurate of those who have been raised with wealth redistribution as the core belief and ruled by an oligarchy.

Southern Quebec said...

You would have a good argument except for the fact that The Sun had to explain to their reader what "illiterate" meant...

Surecure said...

It's hilarious!

They say that Levant is twisting the issue and what he says they are doing isn't what they really are doing. Then they suggest that this is an indication that Sun TV will not be truthful.

And yet the whole purpose of their petition and their arguments is in claiming that the Prime Minister is doing something that he actually isn't doing!

Uh... Pot? Meet Mr. Kettle.

Southern Quebec said...

Ah...NonSense...The righties have the market on fear all locked up. 911!!! 911!!! OMG!!!

liberal supporter said...

Thank you for the massive faux outrage at being called names. Funny how you get so worked up because someone called newspaper readers illiterate. Since you would have to be able to read to know that, it's pretty obvious you are being teased, and apparently can't take being mocked. Why isn't Eskimo all over this calling you limp wristed or something?

But as usual, the entire right wing walked right into this, demonstrating they have no sense of humour unless it is sniggering over fake quotes from politicians.

Then there's the whining over those meanie lefty Yanks telling us we shouldn't let Sun TV have mandatory carriage.

But when it comes to the NRA barging into the gun registry debate? Hear them crickets!


maryT said...

Another example of twisting news. For weeks we have heard nothing but kill the lgr and on Sept 22 the whipped libs/ndp and Bloc will vote to save the LGR. How wrong they are. The vote on Sept 22 is on a motion by liberal Holland to dismiss the bill.

“In a fit of Liberal arrogance, Michael Ignatieff’s spokesman Mark Holland introduced a motion this afternoon (yesterday) at the Public Safety Committee to reject the bill that would end the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry, essentially keeping the long-gun registry ‘as-is’,” according to the talking points.

“Ignatieff and Holland are clearly telling the constituents of Liberal MPs (and the memo lists the eight MPs who supported the Hoeppner bill) that their voices don’t matter and they don’t count.”
It is this motion up for a vote on Sept 22. It is a motion to dismiss the bill, meaning it never happened.
That means the govt can bring it back as a govt bill in a crime bill and make it a no confidence vote.
I have to wonder if the PM didn't know this would be the reaction to said bill, and has again played chess while the coalition played tiddlewinks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for smacking L.S. for me S.Q. My work is done here.....

What a pair of bed wetters!

Platty said...

But when it comes to the NRA barging into the gun registry debate? Hear them crickets!

Uh, didn't you just say.....


Southern Quebec said...

Bye, bye, Kory!!!

liberal supporter said...

Do you support scrapping the entire firearms registry? All the arguments for scrapping the long gun registry should also apply to the short gun registry. Not one life has been saved by the short gun registry. Despite having short gun registration since 1934, the gang shootings are mainly with short guns.

Since the short gun registry is as ineffective as the long gun registry, why not scrap it too? Since the two registries use the same infrastructure, scrapping one will realize very little saving of money. Therefore it would be best to scrap them both.

Do you support scrapping the short gun registry as well as the long gun registry? If not, why not?