Monday, September 27, 2010

Are Canadians Rejecting Liberals?

PM Harper once mentioned that Canadians were turning towards Conservatism, that our country was becoming more Conservative. It appears that he was right again!

FREDERICTON — Progressive Conservatives made election history in New Brunswick Monday by toppling the ruling Liberals of Shawn Graham after only one mandate.

The Tories, led by David Alward, will form a majority government as results more than two hours after the polls closed showed the Progressive Conservative were leading or elected in 40 of the province’s 55 ridings.

The Liberals were leading or elected in 15 ridings.

“I’m humbled and honoured,” Alward told supporters at his party headquarters in Woodstock.

“What a monumental moment in our province’s history,” he added.

Yikes! Are all the lefties going the same way? Into the garbage dump? Is Ontario next? I think that PM Harper surveying the damage in Newfoundland with Danny Williams will win back some of those riding's. Dalton is dead meat on the political scale, so is Campbell. Manitoba is looking to elect a Conservative government, and shock of all shocks, Toronto might elect Ford, a can do candidate.

The Liberals are running for cover, but they can't find it. Promises are easy to make, but not so easy to keep.

Polls tell us that the Conservatives can't form a majority government, but I wonder if ads during an election, targeting Iggy's desire to increase the GST, and provide free abortions in Muslim countries, might not just give the Conservatives the majority they need to get things done.

Conservatives need to engage more with bloggers. If the MSM is Liberal biased, then MP's need to counteract it with bloggers. Many bloggers have driven the MSM agenda, they have created the news, that the MSM reluctantly covers. Conservatives need to use the blogging army better than they have.

Unfortunately, many MP's look at us as a threat. They think our opinions will reflect badly on them. Chickens. We are a front line defense of Conservatism. Didn't they get elected because they were supposedly Conservative? Shouldn't they support our efforts to blast Conservatism to all Canadians?

They have a taste of power, and they want to keep it, so they sweep out all the reformers and true Conservatives. They reduce Conservatism to a backward fringe group. They ignore the social Conservatives in their march towards a majority. They cater to the Red Tories. This will lose them the next election. They need to get back to Conservative thinking. Smaller government and tax reductions.

Canadians might be rejecting the Liberals, for now. The Conservatives should not be too cocky about the results. One province flipping is not an indication of how the federal vote will go.


The_Iceman said...

The left is already trying to say that this was a single issue campaign that will not stick to the federal Liberals. That's right, more people voting Tory provincially is bad news for the Tories federally. aka Mr Ford.

CanadianSense said...

The shift away from the Big Red tent to other progressive parties has been taking place since 2000.

Ontario was the game changer for the Liberals federally.

In NB the raw vote fell of the cliff for Liberals while the NDP and Greens picked up the largest portion.

The PC raw vote grew by 1.4% only but it was enough to propel them to a majority and end the Liberal experiment.

Leblanc was making up excuses including the Global recession why voters tossed out the provincial Liberals.

He must worried with the fact in Europe, Australia, US, Toronto the Liberal banner has or perceived unfit to handle the economy during tough times by the voters.

maryT said...

Isn't NB where the wafergate story broke.
Maybe we can blame the media for the lib loss in NB. And blame them also, if Ford wins.
At least when the PM added a week to the Christmas holiday last year, he gave it to everyone. Iggy has just prorogued himself till Christmas.

wilson said...

A special interest group is a special interest group,
regardless of stripe.

I don't want a federal government that is willing to advance the agenda of groups/regions to the detriment/antagonism of others.

Liberals played that game for decades,
and let the one main federal responsibility slide into oblivion,
national security.

I want my Federal Government to focus on the federal responsibilities of security and the economy.

I don't want my federal government fighting provincial jurisdictional battles.
That's the Liberal's game.

liberal supporter said...

Are Canadians Rejecting Liberals?
No. They are rejecting Liberals that pretend to be right wingers.

For example, these NB "Liberals" decided to sell off NB Hydro. But the voters rejected privatizing resources :
Mr. Graham’s drubbing suggested the importance voters attach to resource ownership. Whether it is debates about royalties in Alberta or Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams keeping his popularity high by insisting on a stake in the province’s energy sector, this has long been a hot-button issue across Canada. And in New Brunswick, in spite of the utility’s financial problems, residents were adamant that they retain control.

Then these NB "Liberals" decided to bring in tax cuts. But the voters rejected welfare for corporations and the rich :
The Tories vowed to halt the planned tax cuts on corporations and New Brunswickers earning more than $118,000. They also promised to create a government office to find areas to cut and reduce the public service with buyout packages.

You were so happy to see a conservative party win provincially, hoping it will translate into a landslide for the federal CPC, you forgot to notice that the NB Tories are PROGRESSIVE Conservatives. Remember that thing called a "heart" that the Reform faction cut out of the federal CPC, heir to the illustrious federal Progressive Conservatives? That is the difference.