Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liberal Judges, Destroying Canada!

I have been a victim of our courts. We had a guy indecently expose himself to our downstairs tenant. Both of us showed up for this disturbed individuals court date. Unfortunately, the lead police officer had broken his leg the night before, so the judge dismissed the case. This is a common day occurrence with our judges. They refuse to grant continuances on cases if the police officers are not present. This leads to total miscarriages of justice, like this case:

Cop skips court for marriage; drug suspects walk

Judge Andrew Buttazzoni dismissed trafficking charges against the nine men and one woman after he refused to grant the Crown an adjournment., requested because an out-of-town undercover police officer wasn't available to testify because he's getting married.

Seventeen people were charged in August 2009, following the six-month, undercover operation.
So, 17 sleazebags walk because a judge doesn't want to reschedule their court appearances. This judge should be fined for failure to protect Canadian citizens from criminals. Add this idiot judge to the list:

Ontario terror suspect granted bail

Ahmed was charged with conspiring to facilitate terrorist activity after police raided two Ottawa addresses on Aug. 26. Officers seized more than 50 electronic circuit boards they said could be used to detonate explosive devices, along with videos, terrorist literature and bomb-related documents.

Earlier this month, Ahmed was also charged with possession of explosives for terrorist purposes. Ahmed will next appear in court on Oct. 20.

I wonder if Ahmed might just disappear himself to Pakistan? Is this judge an idiot, or just stupid?

Our police officers should be able to issue a statement of fact in criminal cases. Judges should have to accept the officers written report. This would free up our police to actually be out in the public domain, arresting bad guys. Instead they wait for hours to testify against criminals and the judges let them go for any reason. Our judges suck!

We asked the police officer, who did show up, about this guy who was indecently exposing himself, and he told us the next step was rape. Too bad the judge didn't worry about his own rape. This judge forgot about the victim. The guy who indecently exposed himself to a young lady, skipped down the aisle with his "partner" who he met at the reform facilities, she was in there for writing bad cheques. A pair made in judicial hell!

Our judges need to be made accountable for their actions! We need to elect them. If we don't elect them we get this:

Barbara Kay: The end of prostitution laws as we know them

Responding to a Charter challenge mounted by three prostitutes, the Ontario Superior Court has struck down the prostitution law that has up to now criminalized communicating for the purpose of prostitution, living off the avails of same and keeping a common bawdy house. The litigants, who thought they would be lucky to have one aspect of the law struck down, were surprised and jubilant to see all three facets felled at once.

Liberal judges, destroying Canada. I makes me sick! The NDP and Liberals are applauding the judge who made it easier for young women to sell their bodies for money. Sad. No Morals.

Liberal judges are destroying the Canada we know and love, we need to take them to task for their decisions. We need to elect them!


maryT said...

There are 3 jusges in the States that are up for re-election next month, and due to a couple of their decisions they are going down, according to polls. Too bad we can't do the same.

Fay said...

We need Sun TV to hold our judges to account.

Southern Quebec said...

For someone who constantly whines about the nanny state, why do you want the government controlling women's bodies? If they want to sell, it is because someone want to buy. It is the epitome of the free market system.

PS. Our politicians sold their souls a long time ago and no one seemed to mind.

liberal supporter said...

I makes me sick!

The most honest thing you've said this year.