Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ignatieff Forgets To Support CANADA!

We all expect the opposition to "oppose", but there are times that they need to take Canada into account. Iggy forgot that and as a Canadian, that disappoints me tremendously.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has said Canada's chances of winning the vote for a seat on the Security Council have been hurt by the prime minister ignoring the UN for most of his time in office.
Other Canadians seem to feel the same as I do:

Michael in Fredericton, NB

"Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has said Canada's chances of winning the vote for a seat on the Security Council have been hurt by the prime minister ignoring the UN for most of his time in office."Wow... Thanks Mr. Ignatieff. That is a comment that truly shows the strength of your leadership. With a chance like this on the table, I'd suggest that the leader of the opposition do whatever is necessary to back the prime minister on this one and help fight for this important seat at the United Nations. If the leader of the opposition becomes lucky enough in the future, this may be a seat he would hope to occupy at the General Assembly Security Council meetings. This is Canada's chance to show strength on the international stage...


Ignatieff can say whatever he wants. Canada has not been this active on the world stage in decades. When Harper started his term he toured Africa and did a number of new partnerships with the Gates Foundation to build clinics and other resources for Africa. He was the first G8 leader to invite African heads of states to the meeting. Canada was one of the first countries to respond following the disaster in Haiti. Being involved in international relations is more than giving a speech at the UN, its about being involved. And this PM has a good track record. All of that without naming the new initiative on Maternal Health launched at the G8. We have solid relations with a great deal of the third world, the support of President Obama, solid respect from European leaders following the recent G8. This is Canada's seat to lose.
Why can't a guy who is supposedly as smart as Ignatieff not figure out that sometimes you need to support our Prime Minister? Is it so hard for Liberals to think about ALL Canadians, not just Liberal thinking progressives?

Our Prime Minister did a great job of representing Canada on the world stage today. I can't wait for his speech on Thursday. Lefties and their fawning journalists need to realize that Canadians are proud of the job that PM Harper is doing on the international level. The Liberals needed to come out in support of Canada's bid for a seat on the Security Council, not use it to try and gain lefty votes. It's a sad statement on the state of the Liberal party and Ignatieff as their leader, when they can't see past their own "hidden" agenda. Grow up, think about more than yourselves, and show some support for Canada.


CanadianSense said...

The hateful media and left have no room for compassion.

We were witness to it when Liberals sided with China chiding us on our Human rights record.

Think about it.

The hateful media and opposition stood next to a non democratic regime to attack Canada.

Some in the left have whitewashed, turn a blind eye to the millions that have died as a result of socialism, communism in Eastern Europe and Asia.

‘Politically correct’ views all derive from anti-Western, secular ideologies such as anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, utilitarianism, feminism, multiculturalism and environmentalism. These all share the aim of overturning the established order in the West. So any groups who have power within that order can never be offended or hurt because they are themselves offensive and hurtful, while ‘powerless’ groups can never be other than victims.


wilson said...

Iffy has always run down Canada,
especially before he became Canada's professional tourist this summer.
Iffy came here to fix us,
don't yah know!
At age 62 he had a calling .... to secure a generous Canadian pension.

He called our troops 'Herbivorean Boy Scouts', and has never shown an ounce of respect for Prime Minister Harper.

liberal supporter said...

What a load of baloney. Supporting the government is one thing, but you are expecting Iggy to lie for the PM.

Wilson, respect has to be earned.

hunter said...

Poor LS, Iggy lies about the gun registry and WHIPS his MP's to support the Toronto elites, because seriously, that's all the Liberals have left to protect, Toronto.