Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finally, Something For Our Brave Veterans!

I know lefties don't dare say this money is better spent on poverty or low cost housing, but you have to know that is what they are thinking.

Ottawa pledges additional $2-billion for wounded soldiers

The Conservatives plan to pump $2-billion into helping the country’s most severely injured veterans, Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn and Defence Minister Peter MacKay told reporters in Ottawa as they reiterated the government’s support for the Canadian Forces.

“Our support will not end when the soldier leaves the army,” Mr. MacKay said.

From the comments we find this:


11:28 PM on September 19, 2010

Now I urge you all to watch this clip from YouTube, which lays out what I just wrote above. It is part of a five hour documentary from the ichannel several years ago that the cbc or the history channel will never show, showing just how disgusting the liberal government was back in the 1990's and DND as well, keeping quiet the Medak Pocket battle, the war dead, the hundred or so injured, and the fact that soldiers who had been wounded in battle and could no longer function in their units were booted out of the army altogether, some with NO compensation at all. Maybe these military men in the story above don't know their history. I urge them especially to watch this:

The Liberals treated our troops like dirt. They sent them into impossible situations, than ignored their injuries and deaths. The liberal media helped them in covering up the deaths and injuries these troops, NOT peacekeepers, suffered. Yet, a maybe, possible knowledge of torture by Afghans to Afghans has the Liberals and other socialists in a tizzy.

Let the opposition not forget, that the government of the day does not need their okay to send our troops anywhere deemed necessary by the government of Canada. It is only under PM Harper that they have been given any voice at all, and what do they do with their expanded powers? They slander our troops by accusing them of being complacent with torture. These petty little politicians should never be allowed near our troops, who have more honour in their pinkie finger than any of those Hezbollah/Taliban loving idiots!

I applaud our government for recognizing that our troops need our support not only in battle, but after they have returned home. I know more needs to be done, but this is a great first step.

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Kevin said...

I think it is the right thing to do however it does beg the question. Once all the true costs of war and peace keeping in foreign lands is factored in (In terms of lives and money). Is it worth it? Especially as it seems to do little good over the long run. Countries and people do not really change unless they want to. As the military is primarily for the defense of Canada maybe we should just concentrate on the primary objective.

Eskimo said...

Kevin, you make some valid points, but if the Allies would have 'stayed home' in 1939, much of Europe, if not all of it would be saluting a flag with an iron cross on it today.

It's not always meddling in another country's business if it means removing a tyranical and murderous dictator when the people are powerless and actually desire a better life.

To backwaters like Afghanistan, under centuries of tribalism, the citizenry doesn't always side with the best of 'leaders'. Factor in areas of the world living under extreme Sharia Islam and it's a recipe for disaster, be it disaster for the citizens or disaster for allied nations trying to build a democracy. What we've learned in much of the middle east is that Islam is not compatible with liberty or democracry. Contrary to what the mushy middle and bedwetters on the left say, Islam does not mean 'peace', it means 'submission'.

So called 'peacekeeping' is another farce. It's one thing to sit out a war and stay home. It's quite another to don a UN blue baret and sit by idly watching people hack each other to death with machettes because the UN has a strict 'don't get involved' policy unless of course you're like Jack Layton and think soldiers shouldn't shoot the enemy, but simply be there to hand out chocolate to doe eyed young children and daisies to the old folks.