Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey, Everything Is Going Great!

The opposition and their media are trying to make it seem that the government is doing a bad job, but looking at the economy, it seems that everything is going great!

I was very impressed with PM Harper's speech to the UN. What I hated was that he was actually there, promoting Canada to dictators. Canada would be better served by disengaging from the UN. It is a corrupt organization catering to all the Muslim dictatorships and denigrating all the western countries.

We need trade, but not with tyrants. Eastern Canada gets it's oil from the "blood" economies. They see nothing wrong with importing their oil from dictatorships, and at the same time lecturing us Albertans about how bad we are for developing the oil sands.

Personally, I say, screw you! Charest and McGuinty can suck up to Saudi kings, and environmentalists, they are weak little would be kings. I want a government that stands up for ME, a Canadian. I want the 450 Tamil refugees sent back home. I want the next boat load of "supposed" refugees refused entry into Canada. I want a strong government that defends Canada.

The gun registry vote tells me that only the Conservatives understand the importance of individual freedom. The lefties want to rule us, they want to oppress us, and they want to make us puppets to their thinking. Thank goodness we have the Conservatives in power right now.


Patsplace said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I am becoming more and more polarized with the Coalition joining hands and leaping into the lefty pool.

Southern Quebec said...

Didn't ya just love it that there was no one there listening to Dear Leader!

bertie said...

100% right on with this post.What gets me is that Quebec gets the $8 billion equalization from Alberta,s oil revenue and Charest is over in Europe dissing on Canada,s oil producers.A typical Liberal,they have no brains to run a province ,let alone a country.They should all be institutionalized,but that would corrupt the patients that need help.But any country able to survive after Trudeau,,Chretien,,Martin,,can survive anything the press and opposition can throw at it.Thank god we have PM Harper and the Conservatives or we could possibly be a third world country.

West Coast Teddi said...

Wow ... from your headline I thought we would be getting the latest photos on your reno :)

The UN is a joke and so is globull warming but in both cases our government seems to be toeing the progressive line. I sure don't understand unless it all comes down to a political option that the CPC don't want to pursue.

wilson said...

McGuinty's govt refuses to speak to Albertan Ministers,
unless of course, they want oilsands jobs.

Very disrespectful McGuinty.
Perhaps Alberta should look no further than Manitoba, for oilsands partners.

'... not a single Ontario cabinet minister dared set foot near their Alberta counterparts earlier this week,
lest their green halo be knocked askew by standing too close to Ron Liepert, Rob Renner or Iris Evans -- respectively Alberta's ministers of energy, environment, and intergovernmental relations.

...Well, there was that kind of snub-nosed reception in Toronto, although Alberta's Iris Evans quietly indicated Ontario's Economic Development Minister Sandra Pupatello has actually helped organize Ontario businesses to bid on oilsands projects....'

maryT said...

Not one more contract should go to Ont for oilsands equipment. Until they live with what they claim they want nothing will change.
I am sure that equipment could be mfged in AB if we put forth the effort. Or it could be imported from countries that buy our oil.