Monday, September 27, 2010

Tough On Crime, How Tough Is Too Tough?

Judges need to think before they sentence. They have not been doing that, so the Conservative government will force them to stop the coddling of criminals.

Tories take aim at child sex abuse, human-smuggling

With little else on the legislative horizon, the Conservatives are expected to trumpet their commitment to fighting crime by bringing forward a mix of new bills and revived ones, as well as shepherding through Parliament 15 proposed law-and-order measures currently winding their way through the system.

The proposal to toughen penalties for sex crimes against children will be a key item on the justice agenda, Postmedia News has learned. The bill will follow through on a one-line promise in the throne speech last March.

Tough on sex crimes against children, who could disapprove of that? I expect the Bloq/NDP/Liberal coalition to water down the legislation. They have never met a criminal they don't want to hug.

Will the tough on crime agenda fly? It will with me. I told my MP that if the Conservatives did nothing except get the age of consent raised from 14 to 16, they were guaranteed my vote. That is now law. At least sexual predators will know that they will get more than house arrest. Liberal judges need to stay out of politics and uphold the rule of law.

Judges need to actually visit a jail. Some should be fired for bad decisions. How tough is too tough? I say let every criminal face true two candidates, the law and Ordovician.. amounts .

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maryT said...

Too bad we can't elect judges like they do in the states. Next month 3 have been targeted by the TP for defeat due to some of their decisions.