Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Guns, In Their Purses, In Canada!

To all the police who support the gun have lost my respect. I used to think of the RCMP as the best police organization in the world. No more. You have lost my respect. You are encouraging women to feel secure because of the gun registry. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not telling women the truth about the gun registry. You are now going to have to take responsibility for your support of the useless gun registry and your failure to protect women.

To all the women who support the gun registry....If you think a gun registry is going to stop you from being raped or killed, you need to give your head a shake and realign your brains. A predator will get you faster than you can respond. What do you have in your purse to protect yourself? A nail file? Keys?

I have dog spray, but by the time I found it, got it out and aimed it in the right direction, the predator would have knocked me out. If I had a gun, I could reach into my purse and shoot without having to draw it out. Women don't need to be victims, but our police and politicians seem to want us to stay weak and vulnerable.. Nothing wrong with a little protection against predators and a gun works.

Women should be going to shooting ranges and getting comfortable with guns, because one day you might have to use one. (Plus it's a lot of fun) My uncle had a farm in northern Alberta, you didn't go anywhere on the farm without a shotgun, unless you thought you could fight off a bear. Women need to be prepared whether they are in the city or on a farm. Try taking a bat to a 250 pound predator, he will grab it from you and use it on you, and the gun registry will sit there, inert, and unable to help you.

The NDP should be ashamed of their vote. The money to keep the useless gun registry alive could have been used to build more women's shelters, or low income housing, their favorite causes. Are they expecting a coalition next election and are selling their souls for a chance at government? Peter Stoffer was the only NDP MP I liked, and now he has sold his constituents down the river. He didn't look very happy with his changed vote, I wonder why he did it, some of his mates stayed true to their principles, why didn't he?

The Liberals made a great show of supporting Iggy, but it was hollow support because they were whipped, on a private members bill no less. All they showed was that the party was more important than their constituents. The bill they voted for, was a bill that said they didn't want a bill to go forward, what kind of idiotic parliamentary procedure allows that kind of stupidity?

The opposition won the vote, but lost the long game. This will not go away. This will come back and bite them next election. Next time a woman is killed by a long gun, I hope they can explain to her family why the long gun registry didn't save her. Unfortunately, feminists really aren't about protecting women, because if they were, they would be petitioning government so that women could carry guns, in their purses, in Canada!


maryT said...

Good bye Linda, not sorry to see you go. And without a pension. Best part is we wont have to see that horrible hairdo after the next election.

maryT said...

Aardvark has a post us, with a copy of the fundraising e-mail already sent out by LIBERALS, re this vote today.
I thought it was supposed to be our side that would use this vote as a fundraiser. Another mis truth by the media and coalition.
I do wish the libs would quit lying about their cross country tours, by iggy and Holland. Did either stop in AB other than the stampede.
But if every gun owner sent just 100.00 to the conservatives, what a fund they would have.

Southern Quebec said...

Other than the fact that this long rant make virtually no sense, this was a LONG GUN registry. You keep a rifle in yer purse?

If guns kept us safe, America would be the safest place on the planet.

PS The Mounties have never been the best police organization in the world. Most of them have a hard time getting to work in the morning...

BillM said...

Canada needs a real debate about the right to self defense. We have wonderful laboratory evidence in countries like Switzerland, Israel, and yes even ths USA. Where people have the right to carry guns or have them available in the home, the rates of violent crime are lower. In the USA alone national crime statistics show that 1.2 million crimes are deterred annually when the potential victim brandishes a gun. That is the number actually reported, substantially less than the actual.

It is telling that bank guards carry handguns in open (unrestained) holsters to deter thieves. They merely protect money, not lives!

82% of the gun deaths in Canada are suicides (gov of Canada stats). If we make guns harder to get will they stop or will they instead jump in their car and run into something or someone?

GRM said...

I think this had little to do with the Gun Registry and everything to do with the Coalition's vile,rabid hate for PM Harper,anything remotely Conservative and their disdain for Canadians.

CanadianSense said...

The NDP did what the Liberals did with the GST.

Their will be price paid at the next ballot.

Trust has been broken with the rural votes by the Democrats.

One more reason to stop the coalition and grant the CPC a majority.

Magnafan said...

Hey Southern Quebec,
Analyze The United States county by county. You will find that 94% of the counties are safer than Canada as a whole. Only 6% of American counties account for 80% of the gun violence. And these counties overwhelmingly have the stiffest gun control. In most cases, the states with the least gun control are the safest.
You, sir or madam, have been a victim of the tiny but internationally funded civilian disarmament movement, that spreads lies about gun control and gets away with it.

liberal supporter said...

I keep asking if anyone supports scrapping the short gun registry on CPC supporting blogs and never get an answer.

The effectiveness argument should be the same for short gun or long gun registry. Either each is a useful tool for police or it is not. They are either useful in determining if they must be careful because there may be legal firearms (short of long) present (requiring them to ensure anyone seen with a firearm is not immediately presumed to be the bad guy), or not. Either they prevents legal firearms from becoming illegal ones (by being stolen) with nobody finding out, or not. Either they ensures stolen registered firearms will be reported (despite the foolish result of automatically charging someone with unsafe storage), or not.

The cost argument requires scrapping the entire firearms registry, since they use the same infrastructure. Deleting a few million records from the database does not save anything if the database continues to exist. Much of the reputed billions of dollars spent were for improving security on the entire registry while improving access for police.

So would anyone be willing to answer? It seems to be the proverbial 800 pound gorilla that nobody wants to answer.

Do you support scrapping the short gun registry as well as the long gun registry? If not, why not?


CanadianSense said...


Great question but you are jumping ahead.

First we need a majority in the house to agree the LGR does not work as promised and vote in favour of scrapping it. (It failed by two votes)

When we get that resolved we can move to PLAN B if the remaining opposition want to use an opposition day to scrap another wasteful ineffective government policy.

To date the record does not look good. They used every emotional trick in their arsenal to keep this bad policy.

Baby steps are needed or pink slips whatever comes first.

arctic_front said...

Liberal supporter:

The very reason the LGR does not work is the same for the handgun registry as well. If either one worked, then there would be little or no gun crime. But as we all know, criminals will not, do not, have not, registered their guns. So to answer your question, Yes. As it stands now, a gun owner must pass a background check, take 1 or 2 levels of training and then they receive their PAL. So, If the Government determines I can own a gun, after training and criminal background checks, what difference does it make if I own a rifle, shotgun or a pistol? It doesn't, in fact, really matter does it?

Both registries do nothing to prevent or solve crime except in the case of stolen weapons and only if the registry is accurate. But it's not.

There was a statistic a few years ago that the age-old handgun registry was so out of date that it was virtually useless. Evewn tho the handgun owners complied, the record keeping at the government end was so badly lacking that many legal, law abiding owners were not on the books with correct names, addresses or phone numbers.

Again, to repeat myself: Registries do not work. Waste of money and duplication of services.

The FAC/PAL system was just as effective, cost much less and was a registry of the owners, not their guns....which to most people make a lot more sense. Except to a Liberal.