Monday, September 20, 2010

Edmonton Goes To The Polls! I Need Some Inspiration!

I wish we had a vocal tea party movement here, we need one against our current mayor and councilors. They have refused to allow Edmontonians to vote about keeping our municipal airport open. They discussed it behind closed doors and then told us, we could have no say in the matter.

My ward has one old councilor, Iverson, and luckily one brave guy going up against him. Iverson is famous for his U-Pass project which forces ALL students to help pay for those students who ride the bus/LRT. A great idea if you are a socialist! He is also the guy who wants us to only idle our cars for 2 minutes in the middle of winter. When it is 40 below, our cars need more time to warm up, but he obviously wants us to all abandon our cars for transit, I wonder if he rides his bike in the winter? Will he force his future kids to ride with him? A better example of a greenie progressive you will never find, the guy is a poster boy for greenie swill. My vote is going for the only option, Al Slemko. I have no information about him, but he can't be worse than Iveson.

Anyways, for all you Edmontonians, here is the breakdown of who is running in which wards.

It's not good for a persons blood pressure to get riled up on a Monday, so to calm my nerves, and yours, I offer you two videos, one of the northern lights dancing and one of a man made fountain. I much prefer mother nature's display, but both take your mind off of politics, if only for a moment.

Thank goodness for beauty. Now, let the campaign to boot the mayor and ALL councilors begin!


Bec said...

Well, I'm kinda an Edmontonian, I was born their so I will weigh in. haha

The airport issue is abysmal, controlling and VERY unpopular from a business POV! The council has lost their way.

When Edmontonians see what has occurred in Calgary; we have over a dozen candidates and we are sooooo rooting for a fiscally conservative Mayor after DUD BRONCO and his merry band of socialists have managed to double our taxes, shut our roads down.....

You guys will get that but you are a GOVT town (gag) and have that aspect to deal with however when your taxes and costs exceed what is acceptable, folks WILL rebel.

Rally the revolution!

maryT said...

At least twice a year we used to see the northern lights from our farm in southern alberta. Haven't seen them for years.
When they occurred it was a wake up the kids moment.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard maryT? It's George Bush's fault the northern lights disappeared.....

heh heh!

Regarding Edmonton, once the airports close I'm sure a few companies will decide to relocate to Calgary, the whiney Edmontonians will cry foul (remeber the Jan Reimer years?) and the hate-on against Calgary will be back in full swing and the unions will be crying for more jobs and government largesse. And so it goes.

I'm waiting for the first lawsuit against the City of Edmonton when someone dies enroute to the hospital because the City Centre Airport closure will increase transfer times with medivacs having to be moved to the International Airport. Mark my words.

hunter said...

Eskimo, that is my biggest worry. The nimby's near the U of A stopped STARS from landing there. No one can convince me that a 20 minute ride from the international to the U of A, as opposed to a three minute ride to the Royal Alex from the city center airport will not harm the patients. If they need STARS they are already critical, now we want to add a 20-30 minute trip into the city, it's insane!!!