Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Might Not Be Dead.....

When they come for your organs!

So I'm watching "Extreme Makeover" and little Joe's heart stopped beating for 8 minutes, and he survived. What does that say about this:

A group of ICU doctors is calling for a moratorium on harvesting transplant organs from people whose hearts have stopped but are not yet brain dead, reviving controversy around a process that is becoming increasingly important to the transplant system.

Family members are essentially being misled into believing patients are dead when they may not be, and in some rare cases people’s hearts could actually start beating again after being silent for the required two to five minutes, the physicians say.

It's bad enough in Canada that you can't even find a family doctor, but to get your organs cut out when you might not be dead, is a little shocking!

Now, does this sound familiar?

Supporters of donation after cardiac death, however, say the issues have been discussed and settled, especially in Canada. A “consensus conference” of 120 medical, ethical and legal experts issued a report in 2006 that concluded the idea was appropriate and set out clear guidelines, noted Dr. Sam Shemie, a Montreal intensive-care physician.

We have heard this from lefties before, "the science is settled" sound familiar? Hint...Global warming, which has now been proven to be a huge money grabbing scheme! Science is about "consensus", even if it is your LIFE they are talking about. Scary? It should be. A "consensus " of a whole 120 experts, and some lawyers, have decided that you can be cut, sliced and diced, before you are really dead, for the greater good of humanity!

Most transplant organs are taken from patients declared brain dead. Those people account for only about 10% of hospital deaths, leaving a shortage of donors, and hundreds of gravely ill Canadians languishing and dying on transplant waiting lists.

In response, the medical community has recently embraced the new protocol — which was actually employed decades ago but abandoned in the 1960s — based on death occurring after the patient’s heart has stopped beating for a period of at least five minutes.

Funny didn't they sterilize mentally ill people in the 60's too? Is that coming back?

I guess we just aren't dying quickly enough for all those "in need". Medical ethics anyone? Not in the progressive playbook is seems. No heartbeat for two minutes, say goodbye to your organs! This seriously makes me rethink signing my donor card. Too bad, because if anyone can use any of my organs, they are welcome to them, but if I'm not really dead when they take them, I will
come back to haunt the takers.
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kursk said...

I wonder if anyone has ever come to when organ removal is underway and put down for the count on the qt?

liberal supporter said...

Give your husband or children a power of attorney to decide whether to honour your donor card. Then it is not until they are convinced you are really dead before the harvesters can start.

In the US of course, the decision is much simpler. Your DNR order will be honoured only after your debit card depletes your bank account. As long as your care continues to be paid for, you can be a vegetable for all they care while they rake in the cash. In fact they prefer vegetative state patients, since they won't complain about cost cutting in their care.

Naturally, once euthanasia is legalized, insurance companies will require you to sign DNR and donor cards as a condition of coverage. Sadly this would likely be true whether it is a government insurance like we have or private sector like in the US.

liberal supporter said...

Right. So. All right then.

Can we have your liver?

liberal supporter said...