Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Scrapping The Crap!

The Tory Boy has struck again, this time it's the long gun registry he's highlighted. Good one Tory Boy!

It's up to you, if you are represented by a Liberal or NDP MP, call them and let them know that you want more police and less gun registry. Let them know your vote will go to the Conservatives if they don't vote for scrapping the crap. I wonder what Goodale is going to do. He has to know the long gun registry is wildly unpopular with us prairie people.

What really ticks me off about this whole issue is the police organizations who want to keep it. They have become very political, and that should not be allowed. Don't the unions realize that they could get more police if the registry was scrapped? Are they so stupid that they think the registry will protect or help their front line officers? Shouldn't the police be neutral like our army, navy and air force? What can the union members do about disagreeing with the union position? Are the police chief's union members, if not, why haven't the police unions spoken out against the registry? Lefties constantly attack our troops and the police, isn't it about time that real cops speak out? We need some truth, not just the one side that the media feeds us.

Let the opposition play games, it only makes them look like fools. Scrap the crap.
h/t SassyLassie


maryT said...

Didn't Goodale make the rule, without input from Canadians that western farmers should go to jail for selling their own wheat.
And didn't he in fact have some farmers jailed for it.
And didn't it cost those farmers lots of money for bail and lawyers when he made that rule.

liberal supporter said...

Do you support scrapping the short gun registry?

If not, why not? It is just as ineffective as the long gun registry. There will be minimal savings from scrapping only one the long gun registry, since the short gun registry is on the same computers.

maryT said...

I think most of the people supporting the gun registry have got registering and licensing mixed up. One has had to get a license and FAC for years to get a long gun, and will still have to get a license and an FAC and go thru a safety course, without the registry. These programs are managed by the RCMP so they will know who has taken the course or purchased a gun. And to get an FAC there is a background check done. And that background check has some weird questions asked about the person wanting a gun. But, I don't see long lines of gang members with guns waiting to register or license said guns, and I doubt many, if any, were purchased legally.

MariaS said...

The fact that the police force are union members is not a good thing, it's very troublesome.

There are already forces within the RCMP too to get them unionized, that is why you keep seeing all those reports about RCMP guys being caught doing this and that and this and that. It's the big money from the Unions that is behind the bad publicity that the RCMP has been getting and the reason is because the Unions are twisting their arms to join up by promises of safeguarding their jobs,etc.

They used the same ploys with the police to unionize them.