Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyone Has A Twin....

And I found Linda Duncan's twin, sort of. First off, let me state that Linda Duncan, NDP MP in Edmonton, is going down to defeat next election. She just supported the gun registry, does she have a tin ear, does she only listen to the lefty university students she used to teach? Does she realize that she represents ALL people in her riding? I don't think so, she likes to slam the oil sands, Alberta's meat and potatoes.

I thought she was the only one with wild hair,

Until I saw this lady:
Twins separated at birth? Not quite, she wants ethics and honour, something Duncan has yet to learn. Watch the clip, this is what will sink Duncan. The NDP showed neither ethics nor honour in their gun registry vote. Linda Duncan will be held to account by the voters in her riding, and she will only have herself to blame for getting the boot! Plus, if we boot her now, no gold plated pension for her!

h/t CJunk


CanadianSense said...

You will always find people who are not supportive. Linda Duncan and her supporters have no realistic alternative for the Oil sands. It does not exist.

This is why China is making larger investments into securing their portion.

The US is the main importer of the Oil Sands, doe she prefer the Americans buy from Venezuela, Nigera, Iran and Iraq?

Many in the left don't look for solutions that are realistic or apply the same standards to in observations.

Many environmental groups turn a blind eye to reliance of the use of coal, heavy oil or middle-eastern Oil in two largest economies.

I am confident Ryan will continue his hard work and meet with local citizens and win the seat.

Harold said...

If Rahim Jaffer would not have taken this riding for granted last time around. Things would have been different.
Can't blame Harper for shunning Jaffer.

West Coast Teddi said...

Harold ... Jaffer was "busy" doing other things I guess. Never hold an election when Universities are in session. The lefties will always vote in the riding where the Univ. is and the righties vote in their "home" riding ... at least in my Alberta experience.

I remember "way back when" there was a MLA from southern Alberta who used to show up at UofA every fall, rent a room and host all the students from his riding. The students always voted for him ... he was a Social Credit as I recall and thus a dynasty was born. In Alberta politics that is always a long time!

maryT said...

Is this an early edition of FNF.