Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Find Your Balls!

Seriously? Everyone voted to slap Maclean's on the wrist for printing the truth? Maybe they should take it to the HRC's. I expect the CPC numbers to drop after this stupidity. The only party that won was the separatist Bloc, and they hate Canada, well, except for their pensions.

That this House, while recognizing the importance of vigorous debate on subjects of public interest, expresses its profound sadness at the prejudice displayed and the stereotypes employed by Maclean’s Magazine to denigrate the Quebec nation, its history and its institutions.

This is Parliament, not a grade 3 student president election. How juvenile. Talk about pandering to Quebec. I expected better of the Conservatives. It seems that they are so intent on a majority that they think they too have to kiss Quebec's butt. They would have gotten more respect from Quebec if they stood up against this obviously biased motion. This motion had no place in our House of Commons! Shame on the Bloc for bringing in forward, and shame on all MP's, from all parties, who voted for it.

Try reining in the HRC's, instead of attacking a magazine for it's article. Freedom of speech is dying in Canada, and it disgusts me that the Conservatives are too chicken to do anything about the HRC's even though it was one of their mandates from the last conference. Find your balls!


The Grey Lady said...

You will have to excuse our Public servants for their accoutrements have been crushed as a result of straddling the fence so closely...

wilson said...

It has come to light, thru Akin, that the House was half empty, and the vote was a holler yeh or nah, not a recorded vote.

So it was one of the many votes in Parliament where anyone interested, hangs around.

Kinda takes the bite out of it, tho I'm sure the Bloc will use it as being the Quebec interest protectors.

Pissedoff said...

Wilson I no longer buy your spin to make the libs in blue look good. Didn't in 08 and all this buying into Quebec forget it.

MariaS said...

The problem I see Hunter is this:
Even if they are pandering for votes and being goody-goody to get a majority, what happen after that?
Do you think the pandering and stupidity will stop? No... in fact it will intensify because then they will be bending over backwards to keep the majority govt in office and damn the consequences.

The Cons are becoming more untrustworthy with each passing day. Sad.

Did you read my post on "Calling Peter MacKay....." please do. The Harper Govt admirers have no leg to stand on with this fiasco.
I didn't see the Libs or NDP twisting their arms to make them announce a celebration of "moslem heritage month" at the DND.
This is an insult and an affront to:
1) Hindu immigrants from India, BanglaDesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal;
3) Buddhist immigrants from China, S.Korea, Bhutan, Vietnam, Nepal, Japan;
3) Jews from all over the world who have made Canada their home;
4) and lastly Christians from all over the world

So now the Canadian govt thinks that these immigrants don't matter because the only culture they recognize is the moslem one. Great !!! What's NOT TO LIKE about the Harper govt.