Sunday, March 13, 2011

Biased? The CBC? NO!

Tell me it isn't so! It's subtle, it's sneaky, it's typical CBC.

Read the article, notice no mention is made of Senator Lavigne being a LIBERAL, until near the end, but they mention Conservatives as soon as they can, making it seem that it's Conservatives who are the corrupt ones.

Lavigne is the first senator to face trial since Conservative Michael Cogger was tried over allegations of influence peddling in the 1990s. Cogger was eventually given an absolute discharge in 2001, but resigned from the Senate.

Lavigne's conviction comes as two of his Senate colleagues, Conservatives Doug Finley and Irving Gerstein, prepare to defend themselves against charges they face from Elections Canada over the in-and-out advertising scheme. The first court hearing in the case related to the senators and two other Conservative party officials is set for next Friday.

Opposition MPs have been calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend the senators while they are facing charges.
See how the article becomes about the Conservative Senators, not the GUILTY LIBERAL? Finally, near the end of the article, they mention that Lavigne is a Liberal.

Lavigne, a former Liberal MP, was charged by the RCMP in August 2007, and was later censured by his Senate colleagues. Lavigne was kicked out of the Liberal caucus and for nearly four years now he has not been allowed to sit on Senate committees or enter the upper chamber without special permission from the Speaker.

As his case has dragged through the courts, Lavigne has been allowed to continue to spend thousands of dollars in public funds. Since 2007, he has charged taxpayers more than $10,000 a month in travel, hospitality and office expenses. That spending is on top of his $133,000 a year salary.

Typical Liberal, entitled to his entitlements. The Liberals want to go to an election based on ethics? I say, go for it! As for CBC, do they get sponsorship type money from Liberals who can't just give to the Liberal party anymore? Is the CBC a bought and paid for hoe for the Liberals, by Liberals or do they do it for free? We don't know, the CBC refuses to release any information. Maybe we should start boycotting anyone who advertises on CBC.


Southern Quebec said...

I thought that you didn't go to lefty web sites? :)

Alberta Girl said...

Hey SQ - I thought you insisted that CBC wasn't a lefty broadcaster?

liberal supporter said...

He was already thrown out of caucus in 2006, so at most he is a "former Liberal". Unlike Steohen Harpergovernment, who stands behind his crooked cabinet ministers and senators, the Liberals booted Lavigne out once his crimes became known.

But to please you, perhaps the CBC should also refer to Stephen Harpergovernment as a "former Liberal" as well? Because that is true, no?


wilson said...

Hope you sent this into the CBC Ombudsman, Hunter!

Canadian taxpayers shell out over $1 Billion a year for this bias crap.

Get rid of the CBC to pay for our F35s!

wilson said...

And another thing.
'..The CBC also gave $62 million to a U.S. firm to develop a custom broadcast computer system..'

And it shows, I swear Mansbridge and Solomon look like they are on CNN sets.

West Coast Teddi said...

Agree Hunter - send to CBC. Great catch.

Southern Quebec said...

F35s...could be the greatest waste of taxpayer money EVEH!!!!

kursk said...

yeah..who needs to spend all that cash on 5th generation jets to defend Canada's interests at home and abroad when we could just siphon it all off to SQ's preferred traitorous bunch in Quebec?

wilson said...

Have Quebecers figured out yet that the only Canadians listening to the Bloc are Quebec separatists, real and faux?

Seppies and Quebecers voting seppie have lost their stroke.

A majority is possible without the Bloc, thusly without Quebec.
SQ, do you get that?

Quebec has finally rendered itself powerless BECAUSE they vote Bloc.
Quebecers may as well vote Green for as much good as a Bloc vote does.

9% of the Canadian population cheer on Duceppe,
91% of Canadians couldn't give a rat's butt what he says.

Lauren said...

I could be wrong but I was under the impression that, although he's a former Liberal MP, he sits as an independent in the Senate and that's why reports, not only from CBC, don't label him Liberal but mention his background as a former MP.

liberal supporter said...

he's a former Liberal MP,
Exactly. He was thrown out of caucus when his "problems" came to light. Unlike the CPC that prefers to stonewall when Ministers are caught lying and stealing on orders of the PMO.

But I suppose the media could start referring to "Stephen Harpergovernment, former Liberal" if that would make you happy.