Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ignore The Media Day!

Sun TV News is sadly necessary in this great country of ours. I am sick and tired of faux scandals and reporters misrepresenting the issues. They can stuff their Iggy unibrows where the sun don't shine, and follow it up with Layton's mustache and Duceppe's hair net.

The Conservatives have to be so squeaky clean that even simple volunteers are crucified and called disgraced...

Disgraced Tory staffer resigns from Strathcona Conservative’s campaign

Watch the video, the reporter actually calls PM Harper.....EX Prime Minister Harper, that's how stupid they are, or how biased, I'm not sure which.

How about the media talk about a Liberal Senator who was convicted of fraud just a few days ago? The Liberals loudly shout that he was disowned by the party, so he really isn't a Liberal anymore. That Liberal Senator resigned from the Senate just before he lost his gold plated pension, not a peep from the media.

How about the media talk about a Liberal MP who is running again while fighting off criminal charges? He is still a Liberal. Silence from the media on this guy.

How many banned Adscam Liberals are helping out as "volunteers" during this election? We will never know, the media won't tell us. They are silent.

We have Duceppe calling PM Harper a liar, when the video from 2004 clearly shows him saying there was NO coalition, but the media let him get away with it, and ignore it.

I would like to start an ignore the media day. A day that all Canadians, of all political parties, shut them off, and shut them up, kind of like earth hour. CBC wouldn't care because they are taxpayer funded, but Global and CTV should worry. Whether they are taxpayer funded of not, they should be interested in the truth, not as they see it, but from all sides, and that is what they are not doing, reporting the full stories.

I wonder if they have to take showers to get the dirty feeling off of their minds, or do they just drink a lot and drown any twinges of conscience they might feel for lying, misrepresenting and distorting the truth.


The_Iceman said...

Adler is starting to get a lot of angry e-mail about Fox North. Chuck is on a roll right now. Listen to the show.

Tory said...

I called my service provider today (Shaw). They told me they wouldn't be offering it where I live (Victoria). People from BC better start calling Shaw!

West Coast Teddi said...

I too have called Shaw but am still getting the "we don't know yet" answer. That said I'm sure not impressed with Sun's lead up to launch - hear nothing see nothing - and yet I did sign up for emails etc. Launching during an election would be huge for them and maybe they know it!!

JR said...

Canuckistan media: with a few exceptions it's amateur, juvenile and biased.

Let's hope Sun News offers an improvement (assuming it's available - I just got an ad from Shaw with a new channel lineup. No sign of Sun).

liberal supporter said...

Pretty laughable all this "boo hoo, Shaw won't carry Sun News" hand wringing. Must be part of the campaign to get a Category 1 license, forcing all providers to offer it. But Stephen Harpergovernment got fired ahead of schedule, and he didn't get a chance to replace Finkenstein with Kory Teneycke (who has broadcast experience working for Sun!), so Sun News won't be getting Category 1.

But we have a free market, and if there is enough demand, Shaw will carry it.

And there will be demand, since Sun News will still be carried by all providers in the biggest market, the greater Toronto area. Why? Because Sun News will be taking over for Sun TV. Sun TV is also known as CKXT, which broadcasts over the air on channel 52. You think a Category 1 license is something to be coveted, forcing carriers to offer the channel like it or not? If you have a broadcast television channel, cable companies are *required* to carry it, not just offer it, but carry it on the non-optional part of the dial (if its transmitter is in Canada). Quebecor was planning to shut down CKXT before the digital transition on August 31 this year. Being in a major market, they have to either go DTV (expensive) or turn off the transmitter. But now, suddenly their paperwork with the CRTC for post transition is in order so they will in fact be staying on the air. And thereby forcing Rogers and Shaw to carry them at least in the GTA. Not much point in blocking it from other markets then.

So relax. You'll get to see all of today's main stream radio hosts in the Sun News studio. They'll all be trying to get a Senate seat like Duffy did for running a blooper reel of Dion. Their problem is that Iggy's first language is English, he doesn't have a hearing problem, and he's not going it alone without his party fully behind him. But it will be hilarious watching Adler and company try.

maryT said...

Anyone taking the cbc compass poll and getting liberal means they have no firm convictions on anything, will go with the wind, could care less about their country, family or anything. They are give me I deserve it.
Well if we get a government full of these kinds of people, wait for the west to separate. When that happens they will have no money to be given to them.
Duceppe could end up with more seats than the liberals, get ready for PM Duceppe.
To stop the Bloc vote conservative. We need a huge majority. Let Quebec wither in the neverland.
We have a huge choice. The Bloc is our enemy.

maryT said...

LS, have you seen the video of the press conference with the three opposition leaders, from 2004 where they all say, no coalition.
But, as a liberal you can't see the truth.
Take the cbc compass poll to discover if you are a liberal, you had to answer all the questions, no opinion, or no strong opinion. It proves that liberals have no strong convictions of anything and will blow with the wind.
And yes, the separtists did demand large blackmail in the budget and PMSH said NO. Do you forget the separtists are the Bloc.