Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wrap Up Of The Bully Boys In All Their Glory

I'm in shock that the opposition coalition thinks they can get away with verbal abuse of a Minister, especially a female minority Minister, but they have no class, and no honour. I hope voters in their ridings make them pay.

The opposition has the majority on committees, and can stop any Conservative policy they want. They can play silly political games, and they do, at every opportunity they get. They have crossed the line on many occasions, but this is not the time to play those silly partisan games. Claiming a Minister is in contempt of Parliament is serious, but the bully boys are thinking election, not about what is best for Canada. They do not care about Canada, they just want power and they can taste a coalition that would allow them to run Canada into the ground.

Watch these characters, they show no respect for a Minister. They do not respect females or minorities. Look at the table of white old men attacking a female minority MP. That is how other females will see it. So much for the NDP and their fight for female equality.

Bully boys. If they find Bev Oda in contempt of Parliament, they are only showing how much they hate anything Conservative. Minister Oda should sue the butts off of these old men.

It's time for a majority, so that the government can actually get things done. If the opposition are so bankrupt that they need to charge a Minister with contempt to try and win votes, they deserve to be punted out of their pension rich seats.

The Liberals better be careful, because if they ever get a minority, the same thing can happen to them, but they aren't smart enough to think two steps ahead now are they?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ah the infamous O.J. Simpson comment at 2:35 into your video.

Again thanks for all this work Hunter. And I agree with your editorial in the clip that it looks like Jack Layton deliberately sent his 'attack dog'. No more cred for Layton on the civility file anymore.

The_Iceman said...

Well done Hunter! Keep up your great work on this matter.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "Women's choices are not the same as men's" from the other day? Today it's all wawaaaahh bullies waaaahhhh!

Fay said...

Mystereeoso appears to be defending Pat Martin's rude behaviour.
Very sad if this is the best the left has to offer!

Southern Quebec said...

What happened to those "Strong Conservative Women"?

Don't pick on me, I'm:
(1) a woman;
(2) a minority; or
(c) a Minister
(d) all of the above.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Ya wanna play with the big boys, suck it up. What a bunch of whiners!!!

Anonymous said...

If some of your commenters don't see something wrong with Martin and others' behaviour, it is they who have a problem.

Bullies always have defenders and that is all they are. Doesn't change reality.

Plus, I would go even further and call what happened verbal abuse. When a woman experiences that, it is not complaining or whining. It is telling the truth.

As Joanne said, I too want to publicly thank you for all this work. I am so glad I asked you to consider doing this. It was the only way average Canadian could see the abuse.

Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot? Well, we don't have to imagine. We know. the sky would be falling.

My husband, who doesn't pay a lot of attention to politics, made the point that you rarely, if ever, see Conservatives screaming and yelling in protest marches. That is because they are polite and allow others to speak.

Whereas, the left is just rude or worse because they hold conservatives in contempt because they "are self righteous," "entitled," and "always correct."

Southern Quebec said...

The Stephen Harper Government has been found guilty of CONTEMPT!!!

West Coast Teddi said...

Thanks again Hunter for all you have done. I'm tired of commenting on LesQue's doltty comments so we will let it "mushroom" in it's basement.

This issue is not about women, politics, ethics committee, race or whatever, it is about MY Canadian value of respect for a fellow human being. Martin has violated this respect and should be sanctioned by all Canadians and his NDP party. I would hope that Layton would not allow his kind of vile process around his "kitchen table". Layton needs to apologize.

Bring on an election - send the progressive lefties to the dust bin!