Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Time For A Conservative Majority If You Love Canada!

More scandal by the media, they refuse to tell the real truth!

On Wednesday, Agop Evereklian, the Tory candidate in Pierrefonds-Dollard, was forced to replace his campaign manager, Giulio Maturi. The move followed an article in Le Devoir noting that Mr. Maturi was back at work for the Conservatives after being shunned by the party when he was linked to a municipal fundraising scandal.
Interesting, the reporter, doesn't even bother to goggle who caused the problem for Maturi. It turns out that it was a Paul Martin Liberal!

Benoit Labonté was an aide to former Liberal PM Paul Martin. That's right, he's a Liberal. So I guess the media don't think it's worth mentioning. The thing is he seems to have a somewhat shady past himself. The media has run with his allegations, despite the denial from Mr. Maturi that it ever occurred. But what of Benoit Labonté? Well, you would think the media might mention this, no?

"Montreal opposition leader Benoît Labonté is denying allegations he had dealings with the construction entrepreneur at the centre of the city's water-meter scandal.

The allegations were reported Friday by, the online news site written by the locked-out journalists from the French-language daily Journal de Montreal.

Labonté met with Tony Accurso in March 2008 while preparing to launch his bid to lead the Vision Montreal party, the website said, citing anonymous sources.

The website alleges Labonté eventually asked for and received more than $100,000 in donations from Accurso."
Maybe our reporters need to go back to school, they will not qualify for the Liberal goody give away of $4,000, but they seriously need to learn to do more than spout their opinions.

Like this reporter:
However, the news that Mr. Ignatieff will not support a Tory budget will bolster Stephen Harper’s claim that Canadians should give him a majority to end the parliamentary logjam. It will come as welcome news to the Prime Minister, who has been on the defensive since the election campaign began.
By contrast, Mr. Ignatieff has been cruising, visibly relaxed and confident. At an event in Vancouver, the Liberal leader said he couldn’t remember having as much fun in politics as he’s had in the past few days on the campaign trail.
Maybe Iggy is relaxed because he knows he is going back to Haaarvard soon and won't have to worry about what happens to Canada when Bob Rae forms a coalition government.

Watch this to see, if PM Harper is defensive. He is relaxed, and rocks the house. All his venues have been full to capacity and beyond, as CTV reported about the Montreal rally. Maybe the reporter should stop making things up.

H/T to Dr. Roy for this video:

Finally, information on the Liberal candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona, a 20 year old college student is set up as a sacrificial lamb so the Liberals can at least say they ran a candidate. Linda Duncan won last time because the Liberals and NDP formed a coalition to defeat the Conservative MP, it worked last time and they are thinking it will work again. How desperate are the Liberals to be sending a 20 year old student into the lion's den of politics? Seriously.

EDMONTON — A 20-year-old Grant MacEwan University student appointed to run for the Liberals in Edmonton-Strathcona will have to take on a well-funded Conservative candidate but also an unofficial “Liberals for Linda” campaign.
This time university will be done, so no lefty university votes for Linda, plus she has not been a professor since 2008, so she has no students to help her campaign. The Conservatives are throwing all their resources at that riding, it should go blue.

Interesting tidbit, my office mate told me last election that the Liberals were going to vote for Linda in that riding, and just the other day I said it looked like a Conservative majority or coalition, and he said, "yes, and the Conservatives will not get a majority". I guess the Liberals are happy with the coalition option. So, let's get out there and make that majority happen! We have to fight the Liberals, NDP, Greens, Bloc and the media. We are also fighting an unofficial "Liberals for any Liberal/NDP/Green/Bloc campaign" .

Maybe Iggy is "relaxed" because he finally made the decision to escape Canada and politics, while PM Harper is "defensive" because he actually cares about what happens TO Canada. One thinks Canada is made up of peasants who aren't listening to him, the other knows how precious Canada is, and wants to improve it, so it can shine.

I will take PM Harper over some American faux PM any day, and I will fight hard for my country, Canada. This is not a game, this is about a takeover of Canada by radical leftists who want power, and could care less about what happens to Canada. This is one of the most important elections Canada has ever had. If they get away with this, the Conservatives will never gain power again. DO NOT let the media sell Canada down the river, like they did to the US by getting Obama elected.

It's time for us to stand up for Canada, again! Our only chance is a Conservative majority. Then we can make sure riding redistribution happens and funding by taxpayers to political parties becomes a thing of the past. It's time for a Conservative majority if you love Canada!


maryT said...

That young guy reminds me of a very young man who ran for the liberals back in our Social Credit days. He was late for an all candidates meeting, out in the country at the far end of his riding. He had on torn jeans and a ball cap. He introduced himself and said, I have always wanted to get into politics by starting at the bottom, and in this riding, liberal is as low as you can go.
Liberals for Duncan just proves the cbc compass thingy. Liberals have no true believes, sway with the wind, have no firm commitments to anyone but themselves, no strong beliefs. They proved that by electing Joe Clark years ago.
We will have to examine their elections expenses after the election and see how much money went into the opposition ridings in places they did not run a candidate. I hope this backfires on them big time. I don't think they realize that they will have to live under the high taxation and job losses coming with the coalition and all Quebecs wants will be paid, plus 7 million for karios.
For the first time in history we can vote against the bloc by not voting ndp/green/lib.
Last year 165,000 + conservatives stayed home, probably because they new their candidate would win by a landslide. Don't do it this year, give the party that 2.00/vote and a higher percentage of votes. Your future and your kids and grandkids depends on it.

Southern Quebec said...

Looks like they rounded up a bunch of street people and gave them T-shirts for that video!

WTF maryT?

Guffman said...

I disagree with your closing statements. I think if a coalition were to take over immediately following another Conservative minority, that this country would see a HUGE Conservative majority in the following election once they see just how left $$$ a coalition of losers would take this country. Look at the recent backlash in lefty capital Toronto. The only downside to this would be that it might not be Harper who would be running in that election. He may be turfed, or resign, if he fails to win a majoirty in this election and a coalition takes over.
On another note, I'm dying to see a one-on-one debate with Harper-Ignatieff. Harper would have Iggy cornered six ways from Sunday in the first 15 minutes.