Sunday, March 27, 2011

Re-Elect My MP James Rajotte!

I think we have to stop letting the media determine this election. It's not just all about the leaders, it's also about the candidate in your area. We need to highlight all Conservative MP's or candidates. To start off, I want to highlight my MP, James Rajotte.

I have met him many times, and have been impressed every time. He is a hardworking, honest, down to earth person. He gets votes from all parties because he is not partisan. He also asks his members how he should vote on sensitive issues. He has been the chairman of the industry committee, but most recently he has chaired the finance committee, and it hasn't always been easy.

And the Liberals want to form a coalition with the NDP? Yikes. Add the Bloc into the mix and it gets even more scary.

I support my MP, James Rajotte, I am sure he will win again, why wouldn't he? He's smart, knows how to keep rowdy NDP MP's in line, and he works really hard to help people in his riding. I actually think he might be a candidate to become a Minister! Check out his website, he has a really cool talk show.

I hope other Blogging Tories will highlight their Conservative MP or candidate. Let's get ahead of the media, don't let them run this election.

If you can, go out and show your support for the Conservatives. PM Harper is going to be here on Monday. Take video for me, I have to work and can't make it, but if you can, make sure you go. Send your video to me at
On Monday, Stephen Harper is set to appear at Beaumont's Ecole Bellevue School at 4:30 p.m.

Those who wish to attend must pre-register by 5 p.m. Sunday. They can do so by calling 780-934-3630 and leaving a message with their name, civic address and telephone number.

Registration can also be done by writing to, or by clicking here.

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JR said...

I've always like Rajotte. He comes off as a very competent, personable guy and good cabinet material. Maybe this time around he'll make it.