Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Opposition In Canada Is A Joke!

The opposition have been whining and crying wolf for 5 years, it's time for them to grow up and work towards making Canada better. Unfortunately they aren't interested in Canadians or Canada, they are only interested in their parties gaining power, at any cost.

The committees are dysfunctional because the majority vote is by the opposition. Remember, the Conservatives are the minority on just about every committee in Parliament, so the opposition parties can make wild accusations against the government and then vote for those wild accusations.

How competent are those opposition MP's? Well, you decide.

“They lie consistently to Parliament and to committee. They lie by saying that they’re providing all the numbers when they don’t and then the numbers they actually do provide can’t be trusted,”said Liberal Scott Brison who first asked the government to come clean on costs.

“We’re at the end of our rope here with this government.”

NDP defence critic Jack Harris slammed the latest figures that include select U.S. government tables that have been deemed unclassified, suggesting the breakdown still doesn’t constitute an “independent cost analysis.”

“What they’ve provided now under duress is something that’s totally inadequate,” he said.

Hey Brison, provide some proof that they lie, don't just spout inane Liberal talking points. The NDP is just as bad, why is it totally inadequate? Who are the "postmedia news"? Are they supposed to be biased or is that just how they come across? I'm waiting for some answers....

While we wait, maybe we should look at the real truth behind the Liberals and NDP MP's. Here is a glimpse of how they think (or not). Enjoy!

First up the Liberals:

Next, the NDP:

I would put a Bloc video up, but they are useless and irrelevant so why bother. Quebec doesn't fit into the equation anymore, unless you are the Liberals and want to give them hockey arenas. Go for it Quebec, vote Liberal, or keep voting Bloc, it doesn't matter because the Conservatives are set to get their majority without you. Maybe you should talk to Newfoundland and ask them how that worked for them.

I am tired of the opposition and MSM making up phony "scandals" out of everything the Conservatives say or do. Time to clear out the opposition deadwood, time to vote them off the island of Ottawa!

How would you like to go into work everyday and be told by your 3 officemates that they had decided what you were going to think and do that day, and if you didn't agree or made any misstep, they would go to the boss (Speaker Milliken) and tell him to discipline you? It's time those 3 officemates got their butts handed to them in an election. This is not a radical student union, this is about running our country, Canada and it's future. The opposition in Canada is a joke, it's a malicious coalition of incompetents that don't care about Canadians or Canada, just power.


Patsplace said...

What is not to agree with? Here's hoping that the contrived scandals don't get any traction and that we get a majority.

Southern Quebec said...

If you think the opposition is a joke, wait until you see the Government!

Anonymous said...

Hunter -- I have tried leaving comments before but they never go through, but I'll try again.

Please leave me a message on my Contact Form and I can e-mail you.

Is there any way you can get a couple of short clips of Pat Martin in today's parliamentary committee hearing put on a YouTube video? He was incredibly verbally abuse towards Bev Oda.

Because, I know that no one will want to listen to the whole proceedings.

David McGuinty and others opps wouldn't let her answer questions either because they talked over her.

We could all post those to get the message out that the media doesn't want people to know about.

hunter said...

I'm on it Sandy!!!

maryT said...

Considering how the coalition ignored all the witnesses and their new documents, figures whatever, how would they know if all the figures were given in the HofC and if they were correct or not.

MONSTER said...

Check out the libs new commercals. One sounds like a clone of their solders with guns in Canadian cities, and the other one I saw was iggy doing Boris Karloff trying to scare the children.

MONSTER said...

And SQ I have seen the Government and it is all good.