Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Three Retirees Force An Unwanted Election.

The last kick at the cat for our three retiring opposition leaders. Larry, Curly and Moe want to retire, so they decide to go out in a blaze of glory. They get together and form a coalition of losers, it is their last chance to take power.

Jack has health issues (get better) and Mulclair is breathing down his neck waiting to take over. Duceppe wants to get into Quebec provincial politics and Iggy just wants to go home to Haaarvard. So they collude together to bring down the Conservative government, that they hate. They grab onto the first misstep they can, the Bev Oda "NOT" incident. They blow it out of proportion, and with a majority on the committee claim that the Conservatives are in "contempt" of Parliament.

This is the trigger they needed to pretend that an election was necessary. It is so slimy, so blatant, that Canadians are disgusted with their behaviour. Notice how the poll numbers are increasing for the Conservatives. Contrary to what the opposition think, voters are NOT stupid.

It makes for good sound bites on TV, but it will fail to convince voters. Iggy says no coalition if he gets a minority, well duhhh. He needs to say no coalition if PM Harper gets a minority. We are waiting.

Why would a party with polls showing them at 25% and dropping force an election? The only reason for them to do it would be if they had an agreement with the NDP and Bloc to form the next government. Unelected Liberal leader Iggy wants to become the unelected PM. This is so disgusting on so many levels that I can't believe anyone could vote for his party.

The obvious solution to prevent the takeover of our government by socialists and separatists is to give the Conservatives a majority.

Our Parliament has been dysfunctional because the opposition refuse to vote with the Conservatives. It's time to give the opposition the boot. This election is going to get very nasty, because lefties themselves are unhappy, dissatisfied people. I don't even think they like themselves. For example we have a National Post commenter :


What we really want to hear about endlessly is the coalition that is so vivid in Mr Harpers imagination.
Why would we want to hear more about that nasty contempt of parliament thing, just because it is the first time it has ever happened in Canada, (or for that matter, the Commonwealth) ; why it's just so embarrassing .

In 2008 the opposition MP's ALL signed an agreement to form a coalition to take over power from the elected Conservative party. Everyone in every opposition riding needs to ask their MP whether they still stand by their signature on an agreement that is still active. Get their response on camera. If they did it once, they will do it again.

The three retiring Amigos should be ashamed of themselves for forcing an election no one wants to feed their egos.

A Conservative MAJORITY is the only solution.


Young Liberal said...

Isn't another possible reading that Ignatieff and the others are bringing this government down on a matter of principle, namely the government being in contempt?

Following your analysis, I don't see why they would form a coalition before the issue of the election. After all, it is possible the Liberals could get more seats than the Conservatives. IT therefore is not in their interest to create a coalition before. And seeing the public reaction last time, I think they would be wary of making a coalition, even after the election.

L said...

Young Liberal

Puleeeze ... the Liberals do not have a hope in H**l of getting a majority. Polls are not everything, but have you not noticed that no one in the west or Quebec votes Liberal. Check out any of the riding by riding numbers.

PM Harper is the best PM we have had in decades. Believe me, they want a coalition and they will tax and spend!!!!!

maryT said...

Young Liberal, perhaps liberals and the media and the coalition believe the govt was in contempt but thinking Canadians do not. If you watched any of the committees or QP on a regular basis you would know they have been waiting for something. None of their faux scandals worked, and how can you be in contempt when you save taxpayers 7 million dollars. If anyone is in contempt it is a few members of the ndp and liberals, and possibly the Speaker for the allowing them to get away with it.
Can you honestly expect 100% accurate figures for something that is not being purchased for 3 yr, and will be maintained for 20.
Did the liberals ever tell us how much they were stealing from pension funds, hiding in foundations, passing out in brown paper bags.
If you don't know those things then you are very very young.

maryT said...

YL, where are the liberals going to get another 70 seats, plus keep all they have. It wont happen in Quebec or Ontario and there are not that many seats in Atlantic Canada. And the west is a writeoff for them. If they took all the ndp seats they still need 40 more.

Southern Quebec said...

"Believe me, they want a coalition and they will tax and spend!!!!!"

And that is different from the current government, how?

Sweet Contemptible Steve must go!!!

Alberta Girl said...

Why is it that only the left and their media toadies believe that this governnment was REALLY found in contempt.

When the Coaltion have a majority on the committee and they WANT to find the contempt charge so they have something, anything that can detract from the great job SH and his government are doing.

Surely, in their minds they have to know that this was a sham and a set up, I can understand them not saying it out loud, but they really can't be that dense that they could not have seen what was happening.

Um...good luck with Iggy getting more seats, YL

Southern Quebec said...

"Why is it that only the left and their media toadies believe that this governnment was REALLY found in contempt."

Ahhhh...because they were? FIRST TIME IN CANADIAN HISTORY!!! And, as we know, facts have a known liberal bias.

Sweet Contemptible Steve...

fernstalbert said...

I think you are onto something - on the personal level there is no downside to this election for Ignatieff, Layton or Duceppe. By their calculations they will retire with a lovely pension, go onto academia or provincial politics. The only loser in this election is Canada. Cheers. ps: glad to point out to the partisan left, that PM Harper will have the stellar career of his choice and be much sought after on the world stage.

Southern Quebec said...

"...that PM Harper will have the stellar career of his choice and be much sought after on the world stage."

Funniest thing written on the Internet today. Congratulations!!!

Sweet Contemptible Steve will going to a "Think Tank" or become a lobbyist. So sad...