Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Opposition and MSM Going Back In Time!

To 2008. Do they think we have forgotten about their bad behaviour in committee? If you want to see how a coalition government would work, it's right there for you to see in the opposition controlled committees, and this same behaviour is going on today.

Let's start with the ethics committee (nothing ethical about it) grilling Mayrand the Elections Canada official.

For more on that whole fiasco watch these Youtube videos. (poor quality, but you can still get the essence of what the opposition was up to.) The worse one is the last one where the opposition shuts down the questioning of Elections Canada officials and will not let ANY of the witnesses the Conservatives wanted to appear before the committee appear. Liberal MP Paul Szabo is the committee chairman need I say more?

Ethics Committee Part 1
Ethics Committee Part 2
Ethics Committee Part 3
Ethics Committee Part 4
Ethics Committee Part 5
Ethics Committee Part 6

Remember this is from 2008, three years ago, and the opposition is still trying to make it an issue. Watch part 6, then watch this video:

This is how the opposition runs the committees, to this day!

Here is a blast from the past interview of Rutherford and Peter Van Loan on the whole issue.

Could the opposition and MSM come back into the present? Do they dare talk about how great Canada is doing economically? Do they really think that any of these issues from the past are going to stick in the minds of voters? Elections Canada is shown in those videos to be biased and only worried about their image. The emails clearly show that they are after the Conservatives and they are using our tax dollars to continue to persecute the Conservatives even today. They raided the Conservative party offices (Liberals were there with video equipment before EC even knocked on the door and Elections Canada doesn't know how that happened, but Mayrand investigated himself and it's all okay), took confidential lawyers files, lost their case, and it's only now that they won their appeal (paid for by taxpayers) that the opposition brings the issue back up.

I smell something very, very stinky and I think it's Elections Canada. I can tell you that Brian Lilley's reporting day after day on CBC is having a big impact, people are starting to get fed up with CBC going against the RULES of Parliament. Maybe he can start the same thing with Elections Canada. He will have a show with SunTV, so he will have a bigger impact then he has now. I can't wait! Competition is a good thing, but don't try to tell Liberals that, they only listen to people who agree with their point of view, maybe that's why they are polling in the low 20's.

All this cat wailing is getting boring. NDP MP's Pat Martin and Mulcair are out of control, the Liberals are empty vessels and the Bloc are irrelevant. If they think they can take control of Canada with their coalition they better get in touch with voters.

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