Thursday, March 31, 2011

When The Media Gets Hysterical....

You know the Conservatives are on the right track! All Bob Fife could blab about was how reporters were getting no respect from the PM, do they even think for a moment, that they have done nothing to deserve that respect?

Are they so clueless that they think they can endlessly bleat about knuckle dragging Conservatives being wrong headed, and still expect unlimited access to our Prime Minister? The french reporters are the worse, their questions are always confrontational and disrespectful. So is the CBC reporter, who ever he is, he doesn't have much upstairs does he? The media constantly attaching him, might make our Prime Minister just a little bit reserved about granting questions to those who are out to crucify him for anything he says.

I have noticed that a lot of new poster's are showing up on the National Post website, all of them lefties, they distort the comments and take over. This shows how desperate they have become to gain power. They spread lies endlessly on every website. It is time for Conservatives to fight back. Sign up to the CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and National Post sites, and even if you don't comment, give a thumbs up for the Conservative posters you agree with, and a thumbs down for the lefty comments you disagree with. It's a form of protesting that is easy to do, and will reduce your blood pressure, plus it is only week one of the election, anything can happen. You can bet the media will get some "scandalous" material from the civil servants or unions, who are determined to create the three headed monster that is the coalition.

A perfect example of lefty media supporters, is this article by Ivison. It is a total fluff piece about how cuddly Iggy has become. It must be that Conservative blue sweater! Why wasn't Iggy wearing a red sweater? Is he scared of associating himself with Liberals?

Mr. Ignatieff has said things he probably would like to take back – notably the admission in an interview with the National Post that he would not support an unchanged Conservative budget, which suggests we may have to do this all over again soon, if the Tories are returned with a minority.

Yet to this point, none of it is sticking. For a man with Russian and Scottish ancestry, he is having the luck of the Irish – the road is rising up to meet him and he has the wind at his back.

The wind is going to send him right back to Haaarvard, where he belongs. The road is rising up to meet him and he is going to get a severe case of road rash! Ivison has his head so far up Iggy's butt, I wonder how he can still write a biased column like this piece of junk without air.

Iggy did declare himself a Democrat from his heels to the bottom of his toes, but of course the media made no mention of that little faux pas. Aren't Democrats Americans, not Canadians? Why didn't the media pounce all over Iggy the American for declaring himself a Democrat? I guess they didn't want to reinforce the truth about Iggy being more American than Canadian.

I am tired of the press oozing their support for the Liberals. I am tired of the Liberal backroom boys determining how we should vote. They are so starved for power they are starting to make mistakes.

Jack Layton goes to Quebec and tells them that he will shut down the Alberta oilsands.

NDP Leader Jack Layton is vowing to cut the fossil fuel subsidies for Alberta's oilsands and funnel that money instead into paying for clean power initiatives.

Layton made the announcement after a campaign stop in Montreal, where he toured an environmentally friendly business park.

Funny he didn't mention that on his Edmonton campaign stop! I wonder why? Did he seriously think in this day of instant messaging that Alberta would not hear about this? Can I say he is an idiot or is that too violent? To make matters worse for the lefties, Iggy joins in the coalition:

Coalition partner Iggy agrees with him.

Obviously Iggy was out of the country when Trudeau decimated Alberta and stole over 120 Billion dollars from us to give Quebec a blow job with our money. Quebec is still getting that blow job, but they are not coming due to dysfunctional socialist ideology. It is making them impotent and powerless. As a historian, maybe, just maybe, Iggy would understand the poop he just stepped into with one little tweet, or is that a twit?

Maybe they should have checked with their American idol, Obama, before they started slagging Alberta, again.

WASHINGTON — The heated policy debate over Alberta’s oil sands took centre stage Thursday in the U.S. Congress, with Republican lawmakers claiming President Barack Obama has “failed to act” swiftly enough to ensure a secure long-term supply of Canadian crude.

A day after Mr. Obama said the U.S. will need “steady and stable and reliable” Canadian oil as it slashes overall imports over the next decade, GOP lawmakers said there was an “urgent” need for the U.S. to further tap Canada’s market by approving Calgary-based TransCanada’s $7-billion Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta.

Let the Greens scream, and the other lefty socialists faint, their hero, Obama, is going to support the Alberta oil sands. As my lefty trolls would say....HA HA HA HA HA!!! Priceless!


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Anonymous said...

"The french reporters are the worse [sic], their questions are always confrontational and disrespectful. So is the CBC reporter, who ever [sic] he is, he doesn't have much upstairs does he? The media constantly attaching [sic] him, might make our Prime Minister just a little bit reserved about granting questions to those who are out to crucify him for anything he says."

I'd be worried about the media constantly "attaching" me too. Snort. How long has Sephen Harper been in politics? He should be enjoying himself more by now. As it stands, Steve is a wannabe ruler without a single subject. "Is there a subject I can deal with?" "Do you have a subject for me?" Honestly.

PS. Huntsy should lay off the use of the word hysterical for obvious reasons

wilson said...

Ivison is suffering the Stockholme Syndrome, been hugging up to Iffy so long he now resides in the Enchanted Forest.

Reality, EVERYONE noticed what Iffy said about not supporting the budget after the election.
It's 2008 coalition of losers all over again.
But in that bubble on the bus, Ivison is intoxicated on that apple juice Mrs Z feeds him.

Jeff said...

Hunter, I haven't been paying attention to the French media. But your comment reminds me: when this election is over, I predict we'll all be talking about the marginalization of Quebec.

Southern Quebec said...

Hunter. If there were ever awards for "non sequiturs" or "run on sentences" you would blow all the other competitors out of the water. I know I would vote for you!

gimbol said...

Of course the journalists are swooning over Iggy, thats what he studied in school, thats what he spent 30 years outside of Canada doing.
Working for the BBC, then teaching other would be journalists at Harvard.
Its called professional courtesy.