Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Backed Into A Corner, In A Round Room!

The opposition have to force an election now. They have backed themselves into a corner, in a round room! They think they have the Conservatives on the run, but the Conservatives are sitting back and watching the opposition chase their tails around the "we will not support the budget" tree. The Conservatives will get butter while the opposition parties are going to be sucking on lemons.

The opposition started playing the budget game early. The Liberals were first out of the post saying they would not support it, trying to force the NDP into supporting it. Then the Bloc came out with ridiculous demands to get their support, it's called blackmail in other countries. Then the NDP, nipping at the Liberal heels, stated they wouldn't support it unless their demands were met. The opposition are so busy chasing each other around the "budget" tree, that they are stuck running around chasing their tails and have forgotten about what Canadians might want. Eventually their momentum is going to carry them into the wall, and we will have the opposition sitting stunned and dazed, wondering where they are and how they got there.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives go on governing, calmly, quietly and competently. That is what the voters see, not the opposition hamsters running in the wheel. Personally, I have lost all respect I had for Milliken, glad he is retiring, too bad he couldn't retire with class instead of making partisan rulings meant to hurt the Conservatives. What those rulings did was allow the opposition to play their partisan committee games, where they have the majority and can show all Canadians what a coalition government would look like. Not very impressive when all they want to do is smear the Conservative government.

Opposition should hold the government's feet to the fire, but that's not what they are doing. They are looking for some scandal (one every week) to bring this government down and the MSM is intent on helping them. They are looking like crybabies and fools. Keep it up, it's working in the Conservatives favour.

Forcing an election is the only way the opposition get out of that round room, even though they know when they open that door, they are stepping out into the air, and they have no parachutes to save them.


West Coast Teddi said...

I hope mysty-sue is happy with today's word count. Thanks Hunter for a well thoughtout logical post.

mystereeoso said...

"The Conservatives will get butter while the opposition parties are going to be sucking on lemons."

There's a "well thoughtout", logical statement for you!

Can we at least give Huntsy points for originality? Maybe for this gem:

"Meanwhile, the Conservatives go on governing, calmly, quietly and competently.That is what the voters see..."

That is what the voters see because of 26 MILLION worth of ads Harper bought with Canadian tax dollars!


West Coast Teddi said...

And we thank you for your $0.81 contribution to Good Government.

You certainly have been "into" the lemons lately. Remember that is usually takes a little sugar to make lemonade (make that lemon aid).

mystereeoso said...

How did you come up with $0.81?

West Coast Teddi said...

Sooooo simple

$26million / 32million Canadians and in today's math approximations matter!!

mystereeoso said...

Thought as much.