Monday, March 28, 2011

Families Matter To Conservatives....

The opposition? Not so much. They talk big, promise the moon, and fail to deliver every single time.
They whine about the deficit that they FORCED PM Harper to incur, then they whine about the Conservatives not implementing the family income splitting fast enough, which would cause an even bigger deficit. I'd tell them to give their heads a shake, but it would probably dislodge the one functioning brain cell they have left.

I love the plan by the Conservatives to allow income sharing for families with children under 18 years old. I also like the fact that it will only be implemented when our deficit is under control. By the time this happens, my two boys will be over 18, but that doesn't bother me in the least. It would have been nice to get the tax benefit, but at least young families will get the tax break.

The snarky response from both Layton and Ignatieff was to be expected, they have no plan and no policies. The lefty media of course supported Iggy. Funny how they will not report on this little gem:

Duceppe and Layton need to apologize for lying to Canadian voters. Such sad, sad little leaders, of sad, sad little parties. No morals, no policies, nothing except the raping of Canadian taxpayers to pay for their little schemes.

From all reports PM Harper had a full house in Beaumont, which is about 10 minutes out of Edmonton. I liked seeing that Laureen is traveling with him, she is a live wire, and a secret weapon for the campaign. Watch the first few minutes of this coverage of PM Harper's stop here in Edmonton.

NDP MP Linda Duncan is going down so that Alberta can be all blue, and she will not get a golden pension for life! She thinks she can get the oil sands closed down without it impacting her riding. What is it with former professors and a lack of common sense?


Paul MacPhail said...

I like the income sharing plan also, and hopefully it will be extended to all families sometime down the road. The funny thing about this plan is that the media and opposition coalition are berating the conservatives because this plan may not take effect until the next election cycle, and yet their campaign rests on the purchase of fighter jets that isn't set to take place until AFTER this income-splitting plan comes in. Why haven't the media picked up on this yet?

Jerry Prager said...

It's a plan to transfer more wealth to the wealthy. The poor get nothing, the almost poor get nothing, the barely- making-it get nothing. Like Harper's 400 million dollar propaganda budget, the trickle is upwards. That's how, under his watch 10% of Canadian's now own 60% of the commonwealth of the nation, and 50% own 5%. So spare the rest of us your hypocrisy. This is a Cromwellian Protectorate opposed to Crown Chartered rights and freedoms, the only crown charters you people respect are those of rapacious corporations, which is why Canada seems more and more like the corporatist state Meighen and Bennett envisioned back in 1935 when they supported Mussolini, Franco, Salazar and Hitler. If Harper believed in democracy, he would have introduced the democratic reforms he's been promising for 15 years. Removing obstacles to the conscienceless pursuit of profit by the rich is the only agenda the conservatives have.

Anonymous said...

"No morals, no policies, nothing except the raping of Canadian taxpayers to pay for their little schemes."

Heh. Huntsy, you little joker. This sentence applies to Stinkin'Steve! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

JR said...

I see the leftie trolls are busy.

The existence of any wealth at all in the world is due entirely to capitalism. Most Canadians are fabulously well off compared with their not too distant ancestors. The same applies to the rest of the world to one degree or another. That computer and internet connection you probably rejoice at being able to afford wouldn't even exist were it not for the free markets and capitalism.

Those totalitarian dictators you refer to are very closely akin to your side of the political and economic spectrum. The only capitalism they engaged in was crony capitalism which is a hallmark of socialists and their fascist cousins. For a modern example see Obama and his relationship with Jeffery Immelt and General Electric. GE had a 2010 profit of around 14 billion dollars and paid ZERO TAX. GE paid multi-millions to lawyers and lobbyists to create the necessary loopholes.

Southern Quebec said...


GE has been doing that, oh I don't know, since the Bush administration. How about Google? Same thing...they funnel it through Ireland.

If Sweet Contemptible Steve is promising things for 2016, it's because he has bupkis for 2011. If you remember last election, he promised an ELECTED SENATE!! Go Steve! Please...go...

"Ponies for everyone!" New Conservative slogan!

JR said...

SQ: "GE has been doing that, oh I don't know, since the Bush administration."

Probably long before the Bush admin. But you wouldn't have found Bush or Reagan and the people they surrounded themselves with habitually badmouthing capitalism and then playing favorites with select corporate cronies. And say, I just remembered, during the last US election didn't GE own NBC which was deep in the tank backing Obama. Must be some big favors owed there.

Anonymous said...

GE is Obama's Halliburton.

You all remember Halliburton, don't you? The rabid left claimed that Halliburton was the evil corporation behind the so-called 'real reason for invading Iraq'. (tm) Supposedly this was for oil.

Funny, but during my last two years summer holidaying down in the US, as hard as I tried I couldn't locate a single gas station selling "Saddam" brand 87 octane when filling up the motorhome.

Could the lefties have been hyping (lying) about this 'oil war' all along? Nah, they wouldn't do that would they?

MONSTER said...

Our candidate for the Coservatives in the Edmonton-Strathcona riding is Ryan Hastman. Still got a lot to learn about him though I do know one thing. Hes not Linda Duncan. All she has ever tried to do is kill the oilsands so that I don`t have a job and plot on ways to take away my guns.If by some disaster she gets elected I`m moving my prinipal address from Old Strathcona out to the chunk of land.

Anonymous said...

If things go wrong, we've got room for you out here in Tim Uppal's riding in Strathcona County/Fort Saskatchewan, Monster!

MONSTER said...

Thanks for the kind offer Eskimo though the chunk of land would probably be further away from Linda the dipper than that.