Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Don't Get Mad, Get Positive!

As a blogger, I should be watching all the political shows. I should be watching Question Period everyday, and I should be reading all the newspapers to get a good idea of what the talking points for the day are, for all political parties. I tried that, it was depressing. So, I stopped.

I stopped, because I was tired of reading and listening to leftist slop. I don't need to read the Toronto Star to get the news. They do not report the news, they report their opinions disguised as the news, same with CBC and CTV. I disagree with their opinions, therefore I don't read or listen to them. It's simple, easy and reduces stress.

Of course, my trolls will yell that I'm not getting a rounded opinion if I ignore everything lefty. So what? Why do I need to listen to their yapping?

I am a Conservative, I know what I stand for, and I know what direction I want to see my country go in. If that doesn't match up with lefties views, too bad. Conservatives need to get that spark back, that hunger for our views to be heard. We need to stop listening to the biased MSM, they can't stand us, we know that, so why support them by even reading their views online?

We need to do as Sandy over at Crux of the Matter advocated, don't get mad, get positive. Ignore the opposition gnats, think about how lucky we are that the Conservatives are in government. Think about what an adult Canadian does everyday. We get the kids to school, get ourselves to work, come home and watch curling or the food channel (I love that channel, if I cooked like those chefs, I'd weight 200 pounds), then we go to bed, and repeat it all the next day. Sounds boring, but it's better than being in Afghanistan!

Who is spinning the political issues? The MSM. Why? Profits. Stop going to those papers you disagree with on political issues, as their readership dies, so goes their ad income. If a tiny store in Quebec can be boycotted by lefty activists because they sell shoes from Israel, then we can boycott those newspapers and TV shows that we disagree with as well, fair is fair. Conservatives aren't big on protesting in person, we are too busy working, but we can protest online. We can make sure we comment on articles. We can email our MP's. We can stop being the silent majority, we can make our voices heard through facebook, twitter, and blogging. Don't get mad, get positive!

Here's how you can do it, humour works.


Alberta Girl said...

That's what I do - turn the channel whenever any of them start to negatively talk about politics (hence I NEVER watch) and I never click on a link to one of the negative articles.

I too know what I stand for and the despicible and blatant bias being portrayed right now it not it.

Anonymous said...

Huntsy, you should rename your blog:


"Your trolls" know you have a square opinion. They just can't figure out what university you went to.

Anonymous said...

Like a moth to a flame, the resident lefties are alomost compelled to show up and insult the blog hostess.

I'm pretty sure Hunter attended the Universtiy of Alberta. Why does one's academic pedigree matter so much to you leftie trolls?

Southern Quebec said...

Enquiring minds want to know, Eskimo! My guess, is Hunter's degree is from a religious university!

"I too know what I stand for and the despicible and blatant bias being portrayed right now it not it."

What does this even mean? AG, how do you know whether an article is negative unless you click on it? You have preconceived notions!

Anonymous said...

And my guess is that you, SQ, (and mystereeoso/liberal supporter for that matter) are the products of government funded daycare and primary and middle schooling steeped in socialist indoctrination, moving on to obtaining a liberal arts degree and currently employed in a government funded entity, if not government itself. This giving you plenty of spare time to attend conservative/big business hate-fests, pro-Palestine rallies and I'm guessing, just enough free time left over to volunteer at a "friends of the CBC/public health care" type of piss and moan grievance organization. Undoubtedly you either currently or once served as your public service union rep. You donate to the WWF because you think pandas are oh so cute and you think David Suzuki is "hunky", yet fail to see the hypocricy that the soy latte, the signature beverage of the left, is produced with a far greater carbon footprint than that of a Tim Horton's take out coffee, the drink of choice of those you hold in so much disdain. You know, those of us that are members of the productive class of society. You are a member of the recipient class and stare down your smug, self-aggrandizing nose at those of us who you don't think attended the "right university".

I think my characterization of you is closer to the mark than yours of Hunter. Just sayin'.

Southern Quebec said...

You are sooooo wrong. Mom was a stay at home - Kraft dinner for lunch every day! Went to Concordia University at a "mature student". Used student loans to finance my Commerce degree - it made financial sense! Paid back the loans and now work for myself. I'm the person you take your income tax to. And yes, if I do get a raving Conservative as a client, I alway charge more.
I volunteer (with my chocolate Lab) at the local elementary school to indoctrinate the local kiddies into the "evils of literacy". We are "Tail Waggin' Tutors". :)

I will admit to loving a good Cafe au Lait...

Anonymous said...

My oh my, it's the CAPITALIST system that puts nourriture sur la table at Chez Sud du Qu├ębec!

What would you say SQ, if I told you I always charge my "visible minority" clients more money for my services than I do regular white folk? I also have a strict no queers policy too.

I do my own taxes. It makes financial sense! Not to mention that all of the H&R Block types are so prone to bigotry, I'd rather not be an enabler.

On a related note, it's funny how socialism is always for the people and not the socialist!

Hats off for the chocolate Lab though. Nice dogs. My sister has one. She's up to about $10K in vet bills thanks to him. Loves to eat honeydew mellons and bananas too!

Southern Quebec said...

You will notice I said "raving" conservative, others...meh.

Labs eat anything. I train in a horse barn on Saturday and my dog thinks the horse manure is "just wonderful" thank you. yummmmm... :(

West Coast Teddi said...

thanks Esk ... LesQue, Mysty-Sue and LibbySupporter to a T.

hunter said...

I think SQ is a closet conservative, that's why she likes it here so much!

Eskimo, excellent description of the lefty trolls.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hunter & WCT:
I please to aim....uhhh....aim to please!