Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Conservative Majority OR Opposition Coalition?

Could the coalition be plotting to vote non-confidence in the Conservative government with their trumpeted up charges of "contempt", then go to the GG to show that they are ready to take over the governing of Canada?

Could they be that stupid? It didn't work right after the last election, they might feel that it could work this time, before an election, especially with the GG saying that a coalition government is possible.

No. They might be a coalition, but I think they feel that all their faux scandal mongering is enough to get them enough votes to form a Liberal/NDP coalition, with the Bloc's help in taking over Canada's Parliament.

I wish them no luck. This "possible" election is going to be framed as a "Conservative majority or Opposition coalition". Voters will have to make the choice between a stable Conservative government for 4 years with a majority, or an unstable coalition government that wants to raise taxes and spend Canada further into debt during economic uncertainty.

I'm betting Canadians will go for a Conservative majority, even with the biased media working for the coalition.


The_Iceman said...

This should be the ballot box question.

Eskimo said...

But that wouldn't be 'fair' to the coalition and their drones, Iceman.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

This "possible" election is going to be framed as a "Conservative majority or Opposition coalition".

I agree. And this time we will at least be prepared that if the outcome in a Conservative minority, then the three losing parties will attempt to take over.

gwilliamjr said...

No it wont. Ignatieff has to answer this question early on in the campaign, he has no choice, and, he has to answer "no" to a coalition. All of this will get us to a minority govt with the Libs picking up a few more seats along with the Cons, then, the cons will basically have a majority for 2 years with both Iggy and Layton stepping down. Mind you I'm just guessing.

Alberta Girl said...

Well Gwilliamjr...we have seen that Liberals will lie about anything to get elected (Yes, we will repeal the GST) so Iggy saying he will NOT form a Coalition won't hold water in my book.

mystereeoso said...

"trumpeted up charges" are they like "partisan shrills"?

West Coast Teddi said...

conservative Naturally naturally Conservative

I'm ready to work for a majority. I have sent my political contribution to the federal campaign. Boots on the ground.

And for Mysty-Sue's benefit ... we Conservatives always VOTE.

mystereeoso said...

"Conservative Majority or Opposition Coalition" - what a shallow,used up, power mongering, excuse for a ballot question.

The rest of us will remember that little moment you had the other day Teddi, when you were gloating about the eighty one cents each Canadian paid out of his/her own pocket for Stephen Harper's I'm so great please re-elect me Economic Action PLan ads. And then we'll all vote too.

Eskimo said...

Funny how Iggy is trying to portray himself as a Little Orphan Annie rather than the Ritchie Rich lifestyle he was born into! And to outright lie about his roots was just so liberal of him!

I just heard the Vladimir Lenin lookalike say on the Rutherford show that he would be in favor of a coalition. The hairnet cheesehead from Qweebeck will undoubtedly sign on to share the keys to the treasury, so that leaves Iggy, the poor little rich kid to flip-flop on his coalition stance du jour.

Oh and mysty, you should have put quotes around "I'm so great please re-elect me Economic Action PLan" ads. being you were quoting someone else's words. And you spelled "plan" wrong. No need to capitalize the letter "l" being that it is the second letter of the word.

Also, "Conservative Majority or Opposition Coalition" is 5 words written by Hunter. You followed this up with only 12 of your own. In the second paragraph you cite a paraphrased statement of West Coast Teddi. I won't bother with the word count, because that would waste valuable seconds, but suffice to say you have nothing original to say in your post, you're just quoting others.

How DARE you, you free loader.

mystereeoso said...

Esquimault leads with the second priority talking point since Huntsy's is getting no traction here or anywhere else.

I did find it curious that Huntsy laid off the quotations today, given as Sandy Cruxy praised her writing so highly yesterday. On the other hand, she, Huntsy was probably worried that an over-reliance on quotage from outside sources might make some people think she hasn't too much of her own to say. Or I could understand too if she thought her posts were coming off as too scholarly and borderline "elitist" for the Tim Ho crowd. Then again when you post links and people actually read them and find they DON"T necessarily support your diatribe, thesis, whatever - I commend Hunsty for switching it up.

Eskimo said...

"Tim Ho" crowd, eh? I'm suprised someone with such a sense of self-adulation would even condescend to this blog.

maryT said...

OT, but wonder how many other phony pages are out there and how much money they got from suckers.

Thank you for being touch with us about the page on the internet that makes it appear that Amnesty is saying “Stephen Harper has to go”.

We just now became aware of this page. It is not affiliated with us and we are working to try to have it shut down immediately. We understand that it originates somewhere in California.

Amnesty International would never make such statements nor involve itself in the politics of Canada or any other country in such a way.

Unfortunately, this is one of the downfalls of the internet – which has many positive aspects as well!

Bonnie Harnden

Executive Assistant

Amnesty International


(613) 744-7667 ext. 263

Amnesty’s life-saving human rights work is independent. We accept no government money. We are funded by people like you. Join us today. www.amnesty.ca.

mystereeoso said...

Esquimault must think Huntsy doesn't consider the people who read Climbing out of the Dark.

maryT said...

Remember when we mention the coalition we always include the Bloc. They will have more members than the NDP. Layton again out today saying he plans to win the most seats and be PM. Better chance for him to take iggy's job.
Loved how he was referred to today as leader of the fourth party.
The chairman of that gong show with Martin had some great things to say today re the committee and the actions of a couple of the members.

Southern Quebec said...

Focus, MaryT, focus...

Remember you are the party of personal responsibility!

Eskimo said...

I recall the last election the scumbag criminal who had the liberal party logo shaved/tatooed onto his head while in jail. Nice full colour full front page of this creep in many newspapers too!

The liberals are the party of the criminal vermin and teat sucking trough wallowers.

How bittersweet the day will be when Harper will rise in the House, fresh off the heels of a majority victory to claim the gravy train will be derailed once and for all!

The squeeling from the entitlement class will be akin to rats on a sinking ship, but it will be oh so delicious!