Saturday, March 19, 2011

NDP MP Pat Martin, Check Your Meds!

Jack Layton obviously thinks Pat Martin is doing a good job because he appointed him to go and disrupt the committee. The thing is that Martin not only attacked Bev Oda, he attacked all women watching the proceedings. Some women actually felt sick at his verbal abuse of Bev Oda.

What can be said about this MP except check your meds? Why are the opposition acting like 2 year olds? It appears that the CIDA is behind this mess. Some public servant heads should be clued in, they gat paid with our tav dollars and should be accountable to us, the givers of funds.

A very interesting article at Crux of The Matter makes me believe that the Liberal NGO's and public servants are trying to take down this government because they are getting their goodies taken away.


CanadianSense said...

He is definately a piece of work and he can't help himself by allowing Bev to complete her sentences.

Classless, bully fit Martin nicely.

Nothing new from him.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for doing all this work Hunter!!

West Coast Teddi said...

Martin "knows" he has lost the arguement and that "contempt" can't be proven so his rude tactic is all he has left. "Sticks and stones ..."

What a sham he is. Layton shows a great lack in leadership in having Martin sit on this or any committee!

Thanks Hunter - great job.

Charles said...
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Charles said...

Is there no way to get this out there as a campaign ad for the election? Matins behaviour shows how minority governments hobble the real work of government by taking committees on self serving witch hunts.

Fay said...

Well done Hunter! As a Manitoban I am ashamed of Pat Martin. The voters of Winnipeg center need to vote him out.
He does not even live in Winnipeg anymore.

Paul MacPhail said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the NDP caucas meetings. You've got Pat Martin who can't accept an answer as an answer, and Thomas Mulcair who you don't get to choose what questions you can ask him. Now THAT is a helluva way to run a business.

Hello Birdy said...

I 'indicated' means ... I said.
I 'articulated' means ... I said.

What's with these people? Why can't they speak plain English like the rest of us Orrrr ... do those bigger words have other meanings that somehow negate liability for what they 'SAID'?

raweder said...

If you think Pat Matin's behaviour was bad with Bev Oda, his conduct with Candice Hoeppner, was extreme. Here is a video on CTV and repeated by Winnipeg Free Press.

GeoffNewbury said...

The Liberals and the snivel serpent hangers on want to bring down this government because they are extremely afraid PMSH will realize how bad the fiscal situation really is, and will start SLASHING the budget.
Interestinly, I don't think Flannery will do that: he's too red Tory.
About a year or so ago, someone (William Watson???) wrote a column in the National Post about slashing the budget deficit. It was 53B. He came up with 33B without too much effort, and did not touch Defence or EI or CPP or equalization.
That WILL happen. There will soon be a 'Taxed Enough Already' revival taking over the Conservative party and actually making is fiscally conservative.
And yes, Pat Martin is a piece of work^h^h^h^s**t.