Monday, March 07, 2011

Free Education For All!

Ignatieff's new plan, post secondary education for all who qualify! Problem is that he is discriminating against those kids who don't have the marks to actually get into university.
OTTAWA — On his recent cross-country tours, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has talked often about post-secondary education and how his party plans to make it more affordable so that, “if you get the grades, you get to go.”

Does that mean free tuition? More scholarships? And if so, how would an Ignatieff-led government pay for it?

A chicken in every pot! A student in every university, no matter what lame courses they are taking! Great idea Iggy! It's a game winner with my 17 year old who thinks he won't have to work to put himself through college. He has the grades so he thought it would be great to go for free..... until I clued him into a few realities.

Ignatieff needs to understand basic supply and demand. If everyone gets to go for free, then we will have a surplus of graduates, who will have no jobs. How many arts grads do we need? We already have too many political science, history and sociology grads who can't find jobs, why do the Liberals think we need more?

You go to university to increase your employ-ability by being one of the few who achieve a higher level of education. If everyone goes, salaries decrease. Lawyers are already a dime a dozen because no limitations to enrollment exist. Makes me wonder why they limit the numbers of doctors who can graduate, it should be the other way around.

“We’ve got to be there for them when they’re saying, ‘How am I possibly going to afford post-secondary education?’ Especially in Aboriginal communities, especially in immigrant communities, especially in those working-class families that have never had any member of their family go to college or university before,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “We’ve got to be able to say, ‘you get the grades, you get to go.’ ”
Hello Iggy, aboriginals already get FREE post secondary education, and why should we cater to immigrants who have not contributed to our country? Make them pay more not less to enter our education system. Working class families can afford to send their children to college if they save for it. My parents were "working class" and I started working at age 15 to save for university, I made it through without needing any help from my parents or the government. Sure I had to work two jobs during the summer, but I made it, loan free, and debt free even though I had to leave home to go to university.

I am tired of the lefty mindset that the government (taxpayer) is responsible for people from cradle to grave. Stop it. Only mindless idiots who have no initiative of their own want the government to support them for all their lives. Grow up, pay your own way in life.


Southern Quebec said...

"You go to university to increase your employ-ability by being one of the few who achieve a higher level of education. If everyone goes, salaries decrease"

That is the saddest sentence you have ever written. What is your degree in?

Glenn said...

SQ, during a geat decline in the mid 1800s there were many people in NA and in Europe with a higher education that couldn't work because there simply were no jobs for their skills. If we ever see a large increase in the unemployment rate these people here and today will be left in the same lurch.

And in addition, it isn't so much salaries decreasing that will be the main issue directly. Even if the employment rate stays the same, those available jobs for an ever increasing surplus of university educated people will mean there will be too many people available for those jobs.

We've all heard the stories of people with general arts degrees working McJobs because they can't get jobs in the field that they choose. I know, I was one of them. When the statistics are compliled, THAT is what will show lower salaries among university educated people - people who went to university with no plan in mind, who got arts/humanities degrees because they were told that they simply HAD to get a university education to compete. That is BS; you go out West, and you tell me who is finding more success - the one with a trade or the one with a useless arts degree that everyone and their dog is getting because they are told that MUST get a university degree to be more employable.

Southern Quebec said...

Glenn, like Hunter, you missed the point. *sigh*

Jess said...

Hey, Southern Quebec, do you have anything to offer besides insults? You haven't addressed the substance of anyone's argument.

If I stayed in Winnipeg, I could survive on my two-year Creative Communications diploma from Red River College, where "communications" refers to actual jobs and not meaningless abstract theories about rhetoric from dead people. But obviously I'm not going to do that, so I'm slogging through getting my BA so I can get hired in the U.S. Employers need to realize that "BA," in the case of many departments that need to die (classics, philosophy, etc.)., is no indicator of skills beyond memorization and citation.

As for Iggy's plan: Does ANYONE in Parliament think things through? Ever? There is absolutely no sense of either fiscal responsibility or innovative economics in this chamber.

Martin said...


richards2000 said...


richards2000 said...

As the father of a graduate with a post graduate dgree, who is still in temporary positions 10 years on, I see no logic whatever in Iggy's thinking. His policy was correct for the 1950s and 60s, when he was in university, it is not correct for 2011.
What is actually needed is more enrolement in tecnical skills programs, construction, welding electricians. Many gaduates today gravitate to teaching positions; in Ont. there are far more qualified teachers then there are positions. Graduating even more people for non-existing jobs would not be in anyone's best interest.

Brian Busby said...

Free, you say. Source, please.

Southern Quebec said...

The stated unemployment rate in the US is 10% (it is probably closer to 13%). Do you actually think they are going to hire a foreigner with that many Americans out of work?

Jess said...

@Southern Quebec: Actually, the latest unemployment figure in the U.S. is 8.9%, with improvement on the way thanks to strategic economic investments. And, once again, you don't address the substance of anyone's argument - just my professional life.

maryT said...

OT, but here is a link to all the candidates that got reimbursed for expenses. Yes, the conservatives got money, but it was not for advertising expenses.
Just cause they got reimbursed, as they were entitled to, the cbc and opposition have not said what that money was used for, just assumed it was in and out.
For those that have the patience, check out other reports available from site, re individual candidates expenses and notice how many liberals got transfers in from the lib party and then transferred it out.

Southern Quebec said...

In and Out Mary, In and Out...