Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Targeting Kids!

My son (who is not old enough to vote) innocently signed the petition at this site "Stop The Meter On Your Internet". Here is the petition form:

What is OpenMedia's privacy policy? Glad you asked.

Your Personal Information will send you updates by e-mail. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, you may do so by replying to an email, or sending a message to with the subject heading “unsubscribe.”

We do not share the information you’ve given us with unaffiliated groups without your explicit permission. We may share some of your personal information with the following affiliated groups:

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In addition, with your explicit permission, we pass along certain of your information to the following groups (as is standard practice):

  • Canadian policy-makers, communications companies, news publications and other targets when you choose to use our email tool to send them messages.
Basically, anyone who wants your information will get access to it. Nice. How many teenagers read the privacy policy on any site? None? Now my kids name and email address is being used by a political party. Which political party might that be, you ask? Great question!

Notice how ALL political parties were given this information. Only one party has used that personal information, the Liberals!

Here is the email my son received from Marc Garneau, that out in space Liberal MP:

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011
Subject: UBB: Co-sign my CRTC submission

Industry Minister Tony Clement is all tweet, no action when it comes to usage-based billing (UBB).
Testifying in Parliament last week, he failed to present a vision for Canada’s digital economy or explain how the government will ensure fairness and transparency in building Canada’s Internet capacity.

The fight for an open web is far from over. As I write to you, officials at the CRTC are poring over thousands of submissions about UBB in a public consultation that you helped to force.

Working together, we must make sure the CRTC’s final decision lays the foundation for an open, competitive and affordable Internet. And the only way to do this is to show strength in numbers.

That’s why I’m calling on you to co-sign my submission to the CRTC right now by clicking here.

In my submission, I argue that the Internet is not simply a series of tubes, wires and towers owned and controlled by telecom companies. It is and must be an open network of people, connecting ideas and creativity.

The Liberal Party is calling on the CRTC to expand the scope of its study. In doing so, we join those fighting hardest for an open and competitive Internet, like the Canadian Network Operators Consortium (CNOC), the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), and others.

This is a critical moment for the future of Canada’s digital economy.

After five years in power, Tony Clement and the Conservatives still have no national digital strategy. And it took half a million voices rising in protest for them to wake up to the fact the CRTC’s UBB decision would have set back Canada’s digital economy even further.

Only Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party have shown leadership by taking strong positions on net neutrality, open government, broadband access, fair copyright, digital democracy and now usage-based billing.

We have until April 29 to make our voices heard. We support’s letter writing campaign and we encourage you to visit their website to send a submission to the CRTC in your name.

We must win this fight once and for all so that we can begin building Canada’s digital future today.

Please co-sign my CRTC submission so that I can fight for you in Parliament with the force of thousands of voices behind me.

Thank you.

Marc Garneau, MP

Liberal Industry, Science and Technology Critic

Original Message ----------------
Subject: Stop Usage-Based Billing

How low can the Liberals go? Using a public petition to gain email addresses of kids and then using them for partisan issues, is pretty low. My son wasn't impressed, neither am I. Needless to say, my son will NOT be signing with marc. It's actually kind of creepy.

I have no problem with the actual issue of the petition. I have a problem with the Liberals using information gained from a petition by a third party. My advise, don't give your information to sites like Open Media. Just like you shouldn't post racy pictures on facebook that your employer might see. Common sense.


Jerry Prager said...

Gee, you can't comment on any Sun Media site without them wanting access to your email or Facebook contacts. But it has been obvious ever since Mr. Harper betrayed all his election promises in his first week in office and ever since with his contempt for democracy, transparency and accountability, that Conservatives don't actually believe in anything of those things, because they are essentially corporatists doing their best to destroy libeal democracy. But go ahead, pretend like you care I know it makes you all feel so self-righteous.

Bert said...

Jerry, Jerry. I'll be looking forward to the day after the next federal election and hearing all the popping caused by all the liberal heads imploding. Please, do tell. What election promises has Prime Minister Stephen Harper (it must REALLY bug Liberals when they read that phrase) broken ?

maryT said...

You can be sure if that letter was signed by a conservative MP all hell would break out in the HofC.

Southern Quebec said...

"What election promises has Prime Minister Stephen Harper (it must REALLY bug Liberals when they read that phrase) broken ?"

All of them. This has been simple answers to simple questions. Stay tuned for when Fat Steve changes the name of the government. Oh, wait...