Friday, May 06, 2011

Around The Water Cooler Part II

Liberals are still in shock, they are talking about the "scary, hidden" agenda of the Conservatives. "Just watch", they say. PM Harper is going to unleash the "dark side" of the Conservatives, and we are all doomed. Seriously, these are educated people, some of them lawyers (not surprised there), and this is what I heard from them. Do they understand how desperate they sound?

I also heard, a swear word out here in Alberta....Trudeau! The Liberals are already talking about Trudeau as their saviour. Do they not get it? They refuse to blame their own party for their failure and they are still looking for that leader that will bring them back to glory, and the public trough. I tried to tell them that they needed to rebuild from the ground up, and they just looked at me with blank expressions. They only talk to themselves, that is why they lost this election. The media called PM Harper the one who was in a bubble, but the truth is that the media and Liberals are the ones who do not understand what Canadians want. Their bubble burst, and we can see pieces trying to crawl back together, but no magic ward/leader is going to put humpy lumpy Liberals back again.

The NDP supporters are talking about being the "government in waiting". No mention of the kindergarten squad that is causing them problems already. They have no problem with Layton hiding his newly elected MP's in some bunker for the next four years, but Harper is too bossy and won't talk to the media? HA!

The Conservatives are talking about lower taxes, smaller government and what PM Harper can accomplish now that he has a majority.  They are positive, happy with the election results and wanting Parliament back as soon as possible. The NDP do not want Parliament to reconvene until 4 years from now.

Congratulations to the Conservative party, and especially PM Harper for a well run election campaign. Congrats to my MP, James Rajotte, I am hoping that he will be appointed as a Minister, he deserves it. He gets votes from all parties, and won his riding with over 60% support. Please get back to work and get rid of the long gun registry and make the CWB voluntary.


maryT said...

It is true that the liberals have a lot of problems. They have lost an average of 30 seats each election from Paul Martin to Iggy. And in each of those elections the media has been their great supporter. Perhaps it is the media who needs to change their constant attack on the PM. I would blame the media more than iggy for their continued loss of seats and power.
To add insult to injury, May 5 was the day another liberal senator had to retire.

Anonymous said...

These educated people are probably correct. Of course, it depends on your definition of "hidden agenda". If by hidden agenda they mean that the Conservatives will quit coddling criminals, or they will crack down on the abuses of the HRCs, or they will eliminate many of the useless social programs that only serve to provide good paying jobs for the professional activists, or that they will get tough on illegal immigrants, or that they will promote immigration of people who have skills Canada needs rather than family reunification, or that they will temper this insane rush toward a "green" economy, or that they will keep tax rates low, or that they will not continue to pursue some type of Utopian paradise in which the industrious support the indigent, then yes, they will promote their "hidden agenda".
All hail the hidden agenda!

Anonymous said...

In the words of the left's American hero:

"We won".

I guess the lefties are going to have to sit in the back for the next 4-1/2 years!