Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Could I Resist Posting About This?

You all know that I foster seeing eye dogs. They are awesome at helping people with disabilities get back into a productive life. My whole family has been changed for the better by fostering the dogs, and then seeing them graduate. My boys have grown up with dogs that end up leaving us to help others. They have learned the value of volunteering to help others, while experiencing the pain of loss. It has made them more caring and balanced individuals.

You have to be a hard butt to not love this story:

SALMON, Idaho - Michelle Feldstein was prepared to provide special accommodations for the blind horse she recently added to the flightless ducks, clawless cats and homeless llamas inhabiting her animal shelter in Montana.
But nothing could prepare her for the 40-legged, seeing-eye entourage that accompanied “Sissy,” a sightless, 15-year-old quarter horse.
“Sissy came with five goats and five sheep — and they take care of her,” said Feldstein, the force behind Deer Haven Ranch, a private rescue facility she runs with her husband, Al, on 300 acres north of Yellowstone National Park.
The seeing-eye sheep and guard goats are never far from the white mare, and they never lead her astray. They shepherd Sissy to food and water, and angle the horse into her stall amid blowing snows or driving rains.
“They round her up at feeding time and then move aside to make sure she gets to the hay,” Feldstein said. “They show her where the water is and stand between her and the fence to let her know the fence is there.”

Lots of charities talk big and produce nothing but reports. Lots of charities and unions get political and forget why they exist. Some charities actually help the people who need it. The most rewarding charities are those that pair people with animals.

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West Coast Teddi said...

" but can you make the horse drink?" ... just joking.

A wonderful story and indirectly you are part of the wonderful world of the animals .. . I am so greatfull for the animals in my life!