Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Petty Bureaucrats And Their Kingdoms!

I understand that some foreign aid is necessary, but should it be politically motivated? Do you only give money to those countries that will support your country at the UN? Do you only support those countries that have the same values as your country? Should countries ruled by dictators receive any taxpayer funds? How do you monitor how your funds are spent? Should lefty activists hiding behind Christian organizations while supporting terrorist organizations be cut off?

The stink raised in the media about Bev Oda's "not" was a good indication of how lefty organizations use the media to cry about funding cuts. Fortunately these organizations are now going to have to become results oriented instead of just lobby groups looking to fill their pockets with taxpayers goodies.

Gone are the days when funding to foreign aid groups is automatic. Now that the Conservatives have a majority, I expect that these organizations will be looked at before they get any funding. I don't mind helping people who need it. What I do mind is organizations that have become parasites, sucking up taxpayer money for their own benefit, without actually helping any of the people they supposedly feel so bad about.

The US is in the same position, do they continue to throw money at countries that hate them?

Years ago, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton proposed cutting off all aid to the 30 nations who consistently voted against the U.S. in the UN. Before him, President Reagan's U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick proposed cutting off $1 million in aid for each vote an aid recipient cast against the U.S. in the U.N. In both cases, Bolton says the State Department overruled them.
"Foreign aid to a lot of countries could be readily cut and I think it's been a mistake by the U.S. government for decades not to take U.N. voting into account," Bolton said Monday.

So, it is the bureaucrats that have the power, not the politicians, that is why Bev Oda was put through the wringer. Petty government workers do not want their little kingdoms changed or challenged.  Let's change how Ottawa works, listen to the Ministers, not the bureaucrats. Give foreign aid to those countries that are working towards democracy and the rule of law. Cut off funding to dictatorships and countries that refuse to use the money to actually help their own citizens. Cut the funding, help our disabled first. The NDP should be happy with voting for that initiative. 


L said...

Funding should be very limited and based on very clear projects with clearly measurable results. In the past it has gone to dictators' swiss bank accounts.

maryT said...

I think most of the aid money to dictator countries end up in their personal bank accounts. How else are they able to amass such fortunes.
I bet CIDA is shaking in their boots at how they will be able to con the public again.

Sixth Estate said...

I agree completely. In my mind the only real question in the Oda scandal was what the real reason for denying funding was -- the process should be transparent. After that it's just a matter of some weird bookkeeping. We didn't get to that because everyone raced off after the "not."

In most cases the departments are big enough and the ministers inexperienced enough in their particular area that it takes them a couple years just to figure out how everything works. Then, within 3 years, they get moved on to some other post. So in practice you get very little time where well-informed and experienced ministers are really able to run a department.

Southern Quebec said...

Hahahahahaha...Go Stevie!

Canada has again been scolded on the international stage for its “lack of progress” in fighting bribery and corruption by a watchdog agency that ranks it among the worst of nearly 40 countries.

West Coast Teddi said...

We will rank #1 now that SQ's Liberals have been sent to the woodshed hahahahaha

wilson said...

CIDA budget was $3.4 Billion, and a Senate committee (2007)recommended axing it due to poor results.
Instead of a cut, Minister Oda was given the challenge of fixing CIDA.
Tho no reporter has done the tally,
Miniter Oda has cut literally dozens of groups.

Like cutting the per vote subsidies, these vultures must now look to raising private donations.

wilson said...

Southern Quebec,
you live in the most corrupt province in Canada,
isn't Charest trying to clean things up?

Southern Quebec said...

What's the point with the Conservatives now running the country?

Southern Quebec said...


You may want to re-read what you posted. Unless that is what you really meant! hahahahahah