Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Around The Water Cooler Today!

Total disbelief by people of all parties! The Liberal voters were red eyed and silent. The Conservative voters were elated and the NDP voters were walking around shaking their heads.

Conservatives were joking with the NDP about all the rookies they are going to have to deal with, it could make question period very entertaining.

What I want to see happen as soon as possible?

1. Canadian Wheat Board made voluntary, no more putting are farmers behind bars.
2. HRC's power cut by removing "hate crimes" from their mandate.
3. Long Gun Registry gone.
4. Crime bills passed.
5. Deficit cut by better management of our tax dollars.

Those would be my top five. Number 1 to 4 is easy stuff, and should be done quickly. Number 5 is much harder, but can be done without cutting jobs. The best thing was seeing PM Harper looking so relaxed today. He deserves a rest, and quiet time with his family.


Platty said...

I think you may have missed the obvious one, which would go a long way to taking care of number five.

Eliminate CBC funding.


L said...

Cut to departments that are useless! And to groups who do nothing but advocacy (find your own $$). De-fund a lot of wierd charities. Re-align departments in gov't for efficiency and efficacy (attrition will not cost a lot). Slowly give less to the UN.

Dance...dance to the radio said...

I dunno.
There might be a little exuberance around today that is like that crazy chick claiming that she had nothing to worry about and that Obama was going to pay her mortgage.

Harper is 54.
I think he wants one more majority in four years and then a ride off into the sunset.

I don't see him suddenly embarking on a slash and burn spree.
We'll get sensible things like a de-monopolized wheat board.
And a continuation of the agenda he's put forward in his five years of minority government.

I think he'll use attrition to reduce the size of the public service. And that he'll close or incorporate government departments as the liberal bureaucracy retires.

Government needs to get smaller.
And he's got the mandate to do it.
But he's not going to step on toes while he does it.

He'll be able to do it as he spends more and more money on health care which is entering it's exponential bubble phase with the arrival of the baby boom generation on the doorsteps of Canadian hospitals.

Jack Layton may bleat all the way along but he's just the bleater in chief.

maryT said...

With a majority, and Bev Oda being re-elected, I think CIDA is in for a lot of cuts. Might also make a lot of civil servants more careful in leaking stuff, or making decisions that they shouldn't.
Wonder how the PPG will react, will they attack for the next 4 yrs like the last.
I think there actions were one reason for our majority. If they keep it up, might make it over 200 seats in 2014.

L said...

Yes CIDA is ripe for "renewal".

L said...
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West Coast Teddi said...

eliminate the per vote subsidy now and not over 3 years as has been suggested. let all parties payoff this past election with thier own funds and not those of the tax payer

Brian said...

"... Might also make a lot of civil servants more careful in leaking stuff, or making decisions that they shouldn't. ..."

Don't count on the civil service behaving. After 13+ years of Liberal dominance , and 5 years of minority Conservative government that was handcuffed by the Liberal opposition , there are many hard-core Liberals in there who will do their best to sabotage any changes.

I think if PM Harper is smart he will issue VERY clear instructions to the civil service regarding confidentiality , ethics etc. with a stern message regarding the consequences of illegal behavior.

Hoarfrost said...

It is my recollection that the PPG attacked Mulroney mercilessly throughout his majority mandate. I do not expect an easy ride on that front this time either.

This time around we have a National Newspaper that will provide rational criticism. We may also have a continued presence with Sun TV News to give CTV and CBC some balance. That is if they are not pushed out by their competitor Bell (i.e CTV).

I do not much care for Rogers either but at least I do not think that they are attempting to monopolise content. I have felt like switching to Bell satellite and cell service but I shall hold off for the time being to see where all this is leading.

Maggie said...

Dance to the radio...

Harper turned 52 he other day and Layton will be 61 in July