Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nothing Of Interest To Report.

Now that the election is over, I am finding it harder to find anything of interest to report. A majority is boring, but I am happy with boring as opposed to a coalition of lefties.

The media party is going to have to start digging into the NDP MP's backgrounds to make interesting reading for political junkies. Will they? Not so far. Maybe they will put their brains in gear when Parliament resumes, but I'm not counting on it. I would like a pictorial review of the election winners and losers. I think Mark Hollands mug against the winner Chris Alexander would let everyone have a clearer picture of who really is left for the Liberals to choose as leader, both short and long term.

So far the best I can find is by (Yikes) Wiki!
They give the results by riding, stating the incumbent and the number of votes for each candidate. Boy do the green votes suck.

I can't wait for the new session to start, it should be a lot of fun watching Layton turn into a control freak like Harper is always accused of being. At least PM Harper has shown leadership, I wonder what we will be thinking about Layton and his kids. The fact that the NDP now has no power to enact any policies promised to Quebec because there will be no coalition is going to be interesting. Look up way up at Jack on the tightrope, will he fall into the training nets, or will he pull his team together? We will find out soon.  Maybe Hedi Fry should be the new leader of the Liberals, that would really be fun combined with the NDP rookies.  It would also be very gender friendly, you know, that we need more women in Parliament cry. What it all boils down to, is that there is nothing really interesting to report in politics, yet!


Swift said...

Almost every thing you always wanted to know about Canadian elections since 2000 is available at

If you want to see individual poll results for a particular riding in the last election you will have to wait. Elections Canada will ppst them evenually. Their computers seem to be slower than everybody elses.

Southern Quebec said...

Mr. Small Government now has the biggest Cabinet in the HISTORy of Canada! Go Cons!

bertie said...

I guess no one in the media will report this eh!1Share

OTTAWA - Parks Canada celebrated its 100th birthday bash with an international award and a gift of land about half the size of Saskatoon.

World Wildlife Fund International honoured the federal agency Thursday for its outstanding conservation achievements through the national parks system that spans Canada.

“Canada’s national parks are the envy of every parks system (worldwide),” said WWF Canada CEO Gerald Butts. “We have more square kilometres of awesomeness in this country than anywhere

on this earth.”

On its centennial year, Parks Canada is also adding a significant chunk of land – 11,137 hectares – to the western boundary of Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park.

The former ranchlands along the Frenchman River Valley in southwest Saskatchewan were gifted to the park by the Dixon family, who have owned the land since 1928.

The land acquisition is part of the commitment by the Conservatives to expanding Canada’s protected parks, an engagement that led to the WWF award on Thursday.

“They’ve increased the amount of protected area almost by half in five years,” Butts said. “And that’s remarkable.”

Parks Canada CEO Alan Latourelle said the environmental organization recognized the strong provincial and federal leadership that allowed for the expansion boom of the parks infrastructure.

“No other country is doing this scale of conservation,” he noted.

Other recipients of WWF Gift of the Earth award include Australia’s Great Barrier Reef conservation project.

bertie said...

Guess this will make PM Harper the greenest Canadian PM Eh!..Guess we don,t need the Elizabeth May,s anymore Eh!LOL

West Coast Teddi said...

So LessQue ... if you want to live in opposition all your life continue to vote "silly-siders"!!

So sorry you have been "left" again in the basement of political life.